that-catholic-shinobi: keyhollow: supreme-leader-stoat: agent-of-empathy: dragongyrlwren: dr-algernop: 13flamingbees: avatarsymbolism: avatrashh: avatar-gifs: Avatar: The Last Airbender 1.05 | The King of Omashu Wow those moves look like someone who’s childhood best friend was an airbender …Shit, you’re right.  That spin he does. That is an airbendery move.  Literally the exact same move Aang pulls when he gets off his glider (cant find a gif but like… I promise) This shows attention to detail was unreal. Even the fall backwards! That looks like the exact kind of thing a fun loving Airbender kid would do while showing off gliders and airbending proficiency. the best benders in this show tend to be the ones who adapt elements of other bending techniques. Bumi has some airbender-y movements, Zuko and Iroh use some Air and Water movements, even Katara tends to use some earthbender looking moves when bending ice Meanwhile Toph just took earthbending and cranked it all the way up to 11. Everyone else: The spice of variety! The four elements make mine stronger! Ballerina time! Toph:….meTal….bendy bendy take into account that Toph might not be able to take other bending styles into her own. Because those styles (especially fire and air) require you to lift your feet off the ground and for Toph she would lose her way of connecting to the world like he’s used too. Toph took earthbending, made it her bitch, and made it adapt to her needs as a disabled person.