Thank you for buying Natural Gentle Giants dog food with added Vitamins and Minerals and supporting THANK YOU! Gentle Giants Rsse and Adoptions the world's largest giant breed dog rescue Your purchases help save lives and feed hundreds of thousands of pounds of Gente Giants dog food each year to dogs bigomulating the best eesGentle Giants Doal and small weighing 2 lbs to 300 lbs that we've rescued from shelters and wherever they are in danger care and wellness program We are grateful to you for helping us keep so many sweet loving dogs alive vhile we find them Tovng homes where they will be happy and safe for life We have dedicated our ives Your Purchase of 100% COMPLETE AND BALANCED NU FOR A OOGS to researching and BURT WARD Robin the Boy Wonder Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptioms to tengthen and impro the lives of all dogs BATMAN nd all relata charac FCMatural Super Premium Ingredients 9% Fat Min eark ment are DC Comics Non GMO Fruits and e Save Livesl And Vegetables CACCH adde e Rmnerals Our aberies Llueberries appies and tomato pomace along with Our carrots celery beet parsley lettuce waterc ss and spinach are certifie by our ingredient supp to not conta ebically odified Organisms No Greasy Coating No Fillers No Com No Wheat o Soy Im 21 yoars old and I EAT Gentle Giants 3 Fro ron Gluco e OENT ANTS No Artificial Colors or Dyes WORLD CLASS CANINE NUTRrION DOG FOOD omplete Nutrition for ALL Breeds and ALL Ages uppies Adults-Seniors-Small-Medium-Large-Sensitive Stomachs te Giants is the ONLY food that your dog needs for its entire lifetime Gentle Gant Dog Food fr m the first bites as a FR OA CASD CRUSADER TO CANINE CRUSADE 2 WE ARE EXPERTS IN CARING FOR DOGS! BURT WWARD obin the Boy Wonder from the TV series puppy to the senior years g Helps Clean Teeth and Keep old and We LOVE Giants Coa ing ofP is Heaer We're & WEEKS Gums Healthy! STLE PU $$ISSAUGA ONTH TLE PURBLA PET WA TRADEMAR TE SA ANY CTIVE OWNERS Bayond Sinpl lated to met the Notrient Profien Pm 3 ye old and I E Gentle G ts N and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and AT MAN Burt Ward Robin the Boy Wonder frm WOWIE! ZOWIE! 27 years old DC Comicss15 BATMAN TV series wants your dog to longest healthiest happiest life! Burt and his wife Tracy have rescue n 15500 dogs in the last 24 years their charitable non-profit Gentle Gia RECOMMENDE WEIGHT RANGE ye and Adop Through twO 2-1 14-5 13-20 des of feeding I nd special Natural Gende Giants g food with Added Vitamins and M erad a unique feeding and care program that has achieved amazing success They wans to share their experience and expertise with you to help your dog live a longer healthier happier life! Our Daughter Has Had Her Best Friend Living caring for so many as they develdta their R d PIlPim 27 years oldW and we EAT GentleG Veterinarian Recom 21-35 38-90 51-75 78-100 plues Our 10b ore de 10 BATMAN and all rel characters and ele ts are tra en arks of a DC Comics s1 Over 100 ADULT feedin utrit Ronald C Bowen DVM hasa interest in the quality and lorge patients lives and provides fa conventional medical physica avenues to acheive maximu With Her For More Than Twenty Years! TATION DES CT andes so en adite dard te Purins Reyou Buron Sppro ees pour favoriser une con de differents poids Les bes 0antle afin que votre chien atte Feed Your Dog Gentle Giants And Follow Our Feeding and Care Program Read about our Feeding and Care Program at wwwgentlegiantsdogfoodcom whic ive consultez régulièrement le agednteXanimal et servez cett frac ous YUS recommand edrit rais et sec Gentle Giants World Class Canine Dr Bowen has rarely endorsed any parioua brand to feed his canine patientsUNTL N nowDoc has found this dog food to0 good s-sam est en sanNo On d chien le peut ier se et le fai re a Burt Tracy Melody and Samantha We have been introduced to this amazing dog food by Burt Ward Batman's sidekck Boy Wonder in the TV series Burt's a co RATION QUOTIDIENNE RECOMMANDEE TASSES advocate operating a large rescue saigoer dogs during the past 24 years a quartiteecom quantite se pod es de votre thiem tre animal de de ur favoriser i sa POODS DU CHIEN 13523 kg 15 tb RATIO 13 45kg 10 tb premium dog food that is not only aod for them buot that they want to eat without greasy laste enhancers table scraps to enhance the often band and distas dog foods on the market have develaced a spe Burt and his wife Tracy kg 120 tb 23 1 136 kg 130 tb 113 181 kg 140 lb 1 34 226 kg 150 1t0 All this manipulation to your dog's food takes a ton your dog's system Ingesting large amounis of typically 12% -22% of their diet will shorten your ae lifespan Gentle Giants food is natural with adde vitamins and minerals and no artificial coloring M the USA Gentle Giants World Class Canine N Dog Food is quality without the high pricel 100% Giants dog food even the non-giant breeds ez prevoir u pe Viter les troubles nne nourniture et e donner que P BEYONDE SMPLY nce que pe ap0 214 234 313 334 NT NECESSA P mplete et qu e re dy ajouter dVI Votre veiteiin Our Daughter 15 years Samantha 6 months The Average Life Span of Guaranteed Give it a try All the Bowen dogs eat Gente These Great Danes Have Designed for all sizes and all ages Gentle Glants is e750 mL Our Daughter 45 years Great Danes 2 months 17 Years Later! 20 Years excellent tor your canine companions We hae added Gentle Giants Cuisine to our longevity regime And at a cost of 30% -70% LESS yes LESS than mary other dog food brands!! MENTATION EQL eau freabe d The Average Life Span of American Eskimos is 12-15 Years CHRES POIS CASSES GRAS DE Later! Our Daughter 215 years Samantha 205 years Great Danes is 7-9 Years ARNE OF PORC POMMES D ation équilbres reguliers s FARINE DE LUZERNE S DE POIS PULPE DE This American Eskimo Has Lived 50% LONGER! Lived TWICE AS LONG! Our Daughter 215 years Great Danes 17 years 6 POTASSAUM CITROUE IAGENTS DE COMPARE GENTLE GIANTS TO YOUR BAG OF DOG FOOD! Mfg for Gentle Giants Products Inc nte Sivotre OTINE SUPPLEMENT E DE CALCIUMLEVU 960 6th Street Suite 101A Norco CA92820 Telephone 951 818-2512 Email info@GentleGiantsDogFoodcom Facebook Gentle Giants Dog Food & Products Instagram gentlegiantsdogfoodandproducts Twitter @GentleGiantsRSQ Website GentleGiantsDogFoodcom re anne Is your dog's food Natural with added Vitamins and Minerals? Compare our ingredients to the ingredients in your dog's food Which looks better to you? Is your dog's food 9% Fat Min? Look at the percentage of Crude Fat isted in the Guaranteed Analysis on your dog food bag Is your dog's food Greasy? Feel Gentle Giants It's dry and doesn't feel N ENDROIT FRAST ACIDES AMINE E P e calculee EM 53013 00205 8 E IVITAMINE MAP MONONIT FOLT EXTRATT Ne' 112 35lbs GREASY! Now feel your dog's food If it feels GREASY it's because IT IS GREASY! Do you want that GREASE inside your aogs poay? See Veterinarian explanation above why the GREASY coating on other dog food is bad for your dog Are the Fruits and Vegetables in your doo ood NON GMO? Read about the potential dangers and health ricks of Canetically Modifed Or See htt 1 CGM s in the food of animals and h mans HOLS65halthh-nsk 30 35LB CHICKEN DRY 16KG This bag of dog food Meme





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