tastingmellow pansexuals-rule-all-genders autumnthejokerat child-of-t undiagnosed-autism-things xcassidy christopherandhisstuff galaxyhowlter saiko-the-pillow-child aika-chan01 natalie-as-herself qelato anniecrestadair orangeninjadan clarkkftw I’ve seen a lot of posts on my dash tonight about users who are threatening suicide with other Tumblr members posting in effort to try to get ahold of them I think you all should see this IF THERE IS EVER A TUMBLR USER WHO HAS POSTED A GOOD-BYE MESSAGE SUICIDE NOTE VIDEO OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT PLEASE FOLLOW THIS POST 1 Scroll to the top of your dashboard 2 See the circular question mark icon at the top? It’s the third one over from your home symbol Click on that and a screen similar to the one in the picture will come up 3 Where you can type in questions the box with the magnifying glass at the top type in the word “suicide” 4 Click on the first link that shows up It should say “Pass the URL of the blog on to us” 5 Type in the user’s URL and tell Tumblr admin that the user is contemplating suicide and has posted a message indicating that they are going through with it or will be attempting Hit send! Tumblr administration will perform a number of actions to contact the user and take the necessary steps to prevent the suicide TUMBLR THIS COULD SAVE A USER’S LIFE PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE SUICIDE THREATS Reblog this to keep other users aware Suicide isn’t a joke and neither is someone’s life If you didn’t know this someone else may not either Pass it on why on earth doesn’t this have more notes I actually had to do this once She lived if you scroll past this on your dash you are absolutely heartless Reblog this!! This can save somebody’s life! reblog help do not scroll down I SWEAR TO GOD IF ANYONE SCROLLS PAST THIS WITHOUT REBLOGGING I WILL LITTERALLY FIND THEM AND GIVE THEM A LECTURE may I just update this? see the little thing that says help? Don’t ever scroll past this post FUCKING NEVER SCROLL PAST!!! 🌸🌸🌸 Anyone know where it is on mobile ??? You report the user choose “something else” scroll down and choose “suicide or self harm” DO NOT SCROLL DOWN REBLOG TO LITERALLY SAVE A LIVE PLEASE REBLOG Please don’t scroll past this post you could save someone’s life Meme











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