Taking a sick day to spend time with his penguin @Drsmashlove My lil homegirl text me saying smash I went to go see a guy I was talking to who moved and it ended up being a little bit of a disappointment - I think we built it up too much while we were apart πŸ˜• Ok lemme splain y'all See what happen when u super charged up sexually with someone but y'all geographically apart is u start getting into wild fantasy situations when discussing what y'all gonna do It's never like I'm gonna have passionate loving missionary sexual relations with you because the distance hath made me crave you lover 😍 Nah Hell nah U gon be way way overboard with it BABY GIRLWHEN I FUCKING SEE YOUIMMALISTENNO SHUT UP LISTENIMMA SUSPEND YOU UPSIDE DOWN SIDEWAYS FROM THE CEILING KARMA SUTRA STYLEFINNA LEAP UP ON YOU LIKE SPIDER MANGRAB YOUR NECK WITH ONE HAND AND GRAB YOUR HAIR WITH THE OTHER HAND AND SPANK YOU WITH A THIRD TENTACLE OCTOPUS HAND THAT U AIN'T EVEN SEEN YET AND USE MY FOOT TO HIT YOU WITH THAT HITACHI ON FULL JACKHAMMER MODEFINNA MAKE YOU CUM 783 TIMES MAMAYOU DON'T EVENLISTENON GOD IT'S FINNA BE ON Then y'all link up and he mount you and u kiss his neck and say I missed you daddy and he gon YOLO everything he done built up deep inside u shed a single tear roll over and schleep because that's what a real one gon do if u got that A1 Masterpiece Punani - especially after a long absence? Goner U feel me? We miss u mama That's just how it go down Side note there's no moral of the story here I'm not gon say tone it down over text That long distance pen pal shit is sexy AF! Just manage expectations and understand that in person it's gon be a lil different πŸ€— BLESS UP πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme


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