superheroesincolor Encyclopedia of Black Comics 2017 The Encyclopedia of Black Comics focuses on people of African descent who have published significant works in the United States or have worked across various aspects of the comics industry The book focuses on creators in the field of comics inkers illustrators artists writers editors Black comic historians Black comic convention creators website creators archivists and academics—as well as individuals who may not fit into any category but have made notable achievements within andor across Black comic culture By Sheena C Howard Get it now here Sheena C Howard is the Past Chair of the Black Caucus NCA and Associate Professor of Communication at Rider University Howard is an award-winning author including a 2014 Eisner Award winner for her first book Black Comics Politics of Race and Representation 2013 She is also the author of Black Queer Identity Matrix 2014 and Critical Articulations of Race Gender and Sexual Orientation 2014 Howard has appeared on NPR National Public Radio 900 am WURD Philadelphia Weekly and CCP-TV as well as other networks and documentaries as an expert on popular culture race politics and sexual identity negotiation She has also written opinion pieces for the Trentonian and the Huffington Post Follow SuperheroesInColor faceb instag twitter tumblr pinterest Meme











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