Style What to expect when you're invited to your firs wedding t same-sex How much of a kiss will that kiss really be? For many straight guests this is the moment of truth seeing two men or two women lock lips Steve Drysdale whose daughter Rebecca married her girlfriend earlier in the fall told me This was the first time a lot of the straight guests had seen that in the flesh It's different than cheering for equal rights It's more visceral - it makes people uncomfortable Roseann Foley Henry who married her wife in 2008 advised guests to keep their cool That first kiss seals the deal on the new marriage concentrate on the love and the commitment it represents nothing else and you'll be fine She also suggested that all couples use a little discretion This is not the best time for any couple to have a make out session 93 Will there be a drag show? bumbleshark rockplush lovegoodlesbian enoughtohold i too have a pressing question why are straights like this “I came here to celebrate your loving relationship but actual demonstrations of that love gross me out so please when you’re kissing your new spouse remember to always be conscious of the fact that your love for each other is a bit icky and we don’t really want to see it” *goes to a same-gender wedding* umm tag ur PDA “will there be a drag show” Im not going to be discreet in my own wedding y'all can fucking choke and die and than choke again Meme











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