Steve Silberman @stevesilbermarn Rosaries confiscated from immigrants at the ArizonaMexico border via @MikeOLoughlin newyorkercom culturephoto- く @claríssalule Remember the piles of wedding rings taken from holocaust victims and how we see it now and wonder how we ever let the violation of human rights get so far well yeah cryptid-sighting arithanas gaylileofigaro This is worse Looking at these you can tell they have no significant monetary value They were confiscated as a fear tactic Nothing more This picture breaks my heart everytime it appears in my dash It’s a fear tactic alright but— The first one in the left corner It’s a first communion rosary and it’s not cheap The black one in the first line That’s a widow rosary and it’s old The white one in the second line is a commemoration rosary It has a miniature picture in the round part I haven’t seen that since the 70′s In the third line multicolor one It’s an Anima mundi I have only seen those in the hands of Rosary ministery’s old ladies The oldest ones are from the 80′s after Juan Pablo II came to Mexico for the first time It’s one of the old ones I know because the crucifixes are different The third one on the fourth line Red and gold The style is old the metal is dark that’s a 50′s rosary probably a quinceañera one or it’s maybe older from the 40′s when the brides carried red roses with their offerings The fifth one on the fourth line It’s a quinceañera rosary with Ignatius’s tear The style is old and in my part of Mexico is orphan girls who used it At least it was when I was youngThe third one of the fifth line the blue one with the anchor That one I have only seen in Veracruz and it doesn’t look newThe fifth one on the fifth line That’s a 90′s wedding rosary Black and white patterns were popular on that dateThe fourth one on the last line That’s a first communion rosary from the 30′s It’s delicate and most probably silver The rest wrench my heart too the humble everyday rosaries with wooden beads and knots Those are cheap and bear the wear and tear of their user handling But those I described are much more Those are mother’s rosaries Those are not just rosaries Those are mementos that’s the proof of their families stories They are taking from them the only portable things they can carry to feel the connection to their familiesIt’s not a fear tactic Call it like by its nameIt’s dehumanization Just want to remind everyone that the DHS janitor who saved these rosaries and photographed them started his project in the latter years of the Bush administration and finished during the latter days of the Obama administration Just in case anyone reading naively believes this atrocity began on November 8 2016 Meme










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