SPEED DATING TODAY! vixiano thedirtythirty wonderingifyoukneww secretly-obsessed-with-fandoms arylenchanted ungratefullittleshit msannedree rowan-fcb causewecan creamsifemme-kitty totallynotthecops scars-of-stars dragonsrequiem deigns its-jakeperalta deigns petl0vers celebrity–outfits its-jakeperalta 10 REASONS TO ADOPT A PET You save a life The cost of adoption is less than buying a pet Most shelter animals have had medical treatment and are spayedneutered microchipped and up to date with vaccines There are more unique pets to choose from in shelters Age breeds mixed breeds and personality choices are greater Many are already trained Your bed is pre-warmed on cold winter nights Animals are just ready to love you no matter what Adopting from a shelter opens a cage for another pet who needs a new forever home An adult pet takes the guess work out of determining size thickness of coat and energy level Mixed breeds are unique compared to purebreeds and may have less genetically inherited health problems Take this quiz to find out which dog is right for you! Please adopt some lovely doggos As someone who just adopted a third doggo from the shelter please do it if you can find a dog right for you Those shelters do everything they can to keep them alive but it’s a family that keeps them happy Okay but is there a quiz for which shelter kitty I should get? @deigns​ good u asked yes!!! sorry I forgot to add that one anyway here is it What Breed of Cat should you get? Ty jake peralta Plus? Those animals in the pound? They KNOW that they are on death row My first dog as a married woman was an eleventh hour adoption A 13-y-o basset hound mix pound said they thought he was 11 because they were trying to save him by making him sound a teeny bit younger and he was “Til death do we part” loyal We lost him 4 years later to cancer and we the family had grown from 2 to 3 humans were devastated My sister? Fosters cats and ended up with a charmer who’d been hit by a car Sephiroth is a well loved asshole and his brother Cloud a stray who found a sucker bet is almost canine levels of friendly Be a superhero Save a life Rescue As someone who has worked in a shelter for two years and watched many of my babies go to their incredible forever homes you wouldn’t BELIEVE how big of a difference you can see in the animals’ behavior from being in the kennels to even just a few minutes after leaving When their new owners are filling out the paperwork there’s already a new spark in their eyes They KNOW they’re going home they know they’re getting to be loved the way all animals deserve to be There are so many beautiful animals in shelters that get overlooked Next time you’re searching for a companion check your local shelters and rescues Not only are you getting a companion but you’re saving a life I got my Norwegian Forest Cat from a shelter He’s huge and never shuts up and is moody and a prolific hunter or was He’s not allowed out and the biggest cuddliest mamas boy on the planet i just adopted my first cat from the humane society ! her name is Persephone and she’s 14 almost 15 years old i love my angel so much I got all three of my cats from shelters and they are honestly so appreciative! They are amazing little creatures and have become the light of my life… please adopt!! You won’t regret it and neither will your little ball of fur This cutie used to be a stray in Greece A lot of people try to poisen them because there are so many strays there which is the peoples fault They buy puppies and leave them on the streets when they are older I‘m happy I had the chance to safe my little lady I still wish to safe more They are always so happy when you only pet them or just give them a bit of attention My babies Penelope and Eloise were irresponsibly let outside without being spayed Both got pregnant and their owner dumped them at the shelter two weeks before they were due with kittens Due to being full to capacity they were immediately at the top of the kill list Thankfully a foster rescued them got them healthy helped them birth nine healthy kittens between the two of them rescued four more orphan kittens that these girls adopted and nursed got them ALL fixed got ALL THIRTEEN kittens good homes and I adopted these silly destructive adorable loud cuddle bugs They’re a bonded pair and they’ve brought light and love and laughter into my life Please adopt!!!! Please fix your pets! Save a love be compassionate and find your best friend! Both adopted in a shelter Best decision I have ever made My husband and I adopted this little ball of love from a shelter and he’s literally the most amazing dog in the world ❤️ got all four of my loves from our local shelter absolute sweethearts ❤️ Got this pretty fur ball from a local shelter 🥰 #adoptdontshop The future wife and I adopted this 3-legged snuggle bug from our local humane society this summer and it’s one of if not THE best decision we have made ❤️🥰 My adopted baby! Please don’t disregard shelters just because you want a certain breed! Either sign up to volunteer at a shelter you’ll get the inside scoop on the dogscats or visit the shelter every day or every other day There are always so many different breeds some just get scooped up quicker than others! My precious boy!!! We actually adopted him throigh Facebook from Romania - if your shelter doesn’t have the breed you want there are so many other places to look! Follow rescue centre pages on social media and look on websites! Meme




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