Some context That conversation happened in 2017 I briefly dated this guy before that but he was much younger than me not underage! I was 2122 he was 19 so of course things didn't work out He has always treated me nicely and then one day when I was already with someone else he message me the following conversation I didn't want to refuse the invitation saying I had a boyfriend I just thought he deserved to know that I was not interested in him having a boyfriend or not So I didn't but to my surprise he didn't ask if I had someone else or a boyfriend he just accepted and we both move on with our lives I was browsing this subreddit and I remembered him so I thought I should share It was nice to be reminded that men can be REAL nice guys after some hours reading the posts here PS I had trouble translating it sorry if it's not how people talk in english i Gostaria de conversar com vc fazer um convite caso não seja incomodo My name! I would like to talk to you invite you to something if I'm not bothering Oi you Tudo bem? Pode falar Hi! how are you? You can ask Tô bem e tu como vai? Já assistiu logan? I'm fine and you? How is it going? Have you watched Logan? To bem!! Não não assist I'm good! No I haven't Quero te convidar pra ir assistir no cine topa? Gee thanks But I'm gonna have to say no I would like to ask you to watch with me do you wanna? Poxa obrigada pelo convite Mas vou ter que recusar That's ok all right Beleuza tudo bem E que lembrei de vc esses dias e queria saber como andava as coisas mas sem problemas! Entendo I just remembered you those days and wanted to know how were things with you but no problem! I understand Fico feliz que tenha lembrado! Tb sempre lembro de ti Desejo tudo bom pra vC I'm glad you remembered me! I always remember you too I wish you the best Tbm desejo tudo de bom pra ti! Tu é uma ótima pessoa hehe Awn thanks! You're too! Awn obrigada! Vc tb é!! I also wish you the best! You're a great person hehe I added some context in the image This is a real nice guy I've met around 2014-2017 It was nice to remember those texts especially after some posts here in this sub! Meme






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