So our local children's hospital re- cently redecorated but I'm not too sure they really thought things out eternal-dannation jhenne-bean forlovefromfear diasporanpapi youthful-pills ichigo-hiyoko mintymaiden gildatheplant Literally any other colour would’ve been a better choice guys I’d like to point out that the colour red has more positive than negative meanings im sorry but this reply absolutely killed me red can mean whatever the heck you want it to mean that is never going to change that this straight up looks like they DRAGGED A BLOODY BODY ACROSS THE FUCKING FLOOR 😂 Hi fun fact colors do have meaning and there is a legit thing called color theory Red does has more positive connotations than negative like the @mintymaiden said Red is associated with more love lust passion than blood and death just like the chart shows you but If you want here’s a link for you to check it out yourself Also check out “The Designer’s Dictionary of Color” by Sean Adams Have fun learning something Xoxo -Designer What is Color Theory? I think y’all are missing the point here You can theorize to Nebraska and back but that doesn’t change my immediate reaction which is that someone is literally dragging a corpse around I like that the presumption here is that “No One On Tumblr Has Heard of Color Theory Let Me Explain in Depth” rather than simply acknowledging that the VISUAL EFFECTS of this particular color choice applied in the manner it was can still amount to “this is a hospital and that looks like blood” like color theory doesn’t exist in a vacuum If your design of choice for Blood Red Paint is asymmetric splatters and sploches against the wall or in this case a snail trail on the hallway’s floor an infographic won’t override the viewers’ instinct this post is the perfect summation of tumblr’s reading comprehension and critical thought abilities Meme





Children's Hospital






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