So I know it's a standard Tinder question but I have to ask-are you a serial killer and if so do you have reason for it? Only a serial killer would ask if serial killer was Wednesday 828 PM Naw I wouldn't be able to handle the hours Unless you were looking for a colleague serial killer to bond with I was going to say the latter but Wednesday 913 PM Hypotheticals it is then If I you were a serial killer what would be your MO? That you are a man I'd want to be a siren Ooooh I like it somehow you made that not creepy I am impressed Do Sirens work on lesbians as well? Aw damn I have failed Ummm no Idk Maybe? Wednesday 944 PM This sounds like a slightly problematic writting prompt in a freshman creative writting class You can still kill me if you want especially the straight white kind They are pretty underrepresented in the serial killer victim market That is the sweetest thing a complete stranger has ever said to me Ya just put some sad music in your playlistor set or whatever sirens do Haaa okay So on a scale of 1-5 how would you rate my creepiness? Wednesday 1033 PM Either O or 10 I cant read non-verbal in text conversations On a scale of 1-5 I am 98% enjoying the banter but 15% of me is irrationally scared that I just invited you to murder me Wednesday 1104 PM Do you think this conversation would hold up in court? No but hopefully it will hold up on reddit Lol Let me know what sub you decide to post this on I'm pretty sure if it gets enough Karma it becomes a legal document and will hold up in court Fingers crossed Type a message GIF In the untimely event of my death…start here Meme











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