Shrek with Gingerbread Man 5'-6 Life Size 1E StatueMannequin Garden-Playground-Arcade Prop by OWP Be the first to review this item ET Price $149999+ $44596 shipping Note Not eligible for Amazon Prime Estimated Delivery Oct 7 - Nov 2 if you choose Standard at checkout Ships from and sold by Thor's Costumes and Hobbies Hand laid fiberglass statue includes both characters shown High Quality e 11 scale approx 66 tall VERY nicely detailed great for partys arcades catering decor gardens and bedroom decor etc Indooroutdoor display Report incorrect product information Roll over image to zoom in tiny-gay-milk lucadoop scarlet-foxes-and-green-lions coffeecatartist coffeecatartist coffeecatartist coffeecatartist coffeecatartist coffeecatartist coffeecatartist coffeecatartist coffeecatartist coffeecatartist when I’m really old and have my own house one day I’m going to save up to buy this thing and keep it in my front lawn for all to see some neighborhoods have the old cat lady I’m gonna be the old Shrek lady you are a guest at my house one day I invite you in I then ask you to have a seat but there are no chairs in my house there are only Shrek bean bags I offer you a drink you say water is fine I bring you the water in a Shrek 4-D tumbler cup as you enjoy your drink you begin to take in your surroundings you notice my walls are all covered in Shrek wall sticker decals you comment that I must really like Shrek I say I don’t know what you mean as my dog who I’ve affectionately named Eclair in honor of Donkey’s missing daughter approaches she is wearing a cotton vest adorned with the classic Shrek logo on one of the Shrek bean bags at the far end of the room naps my cat he too is adorned with stylish Shrek-themed apparel I ask if you are hungry you say you kinda had a small breakfast and could eat I make my way over to a nearby bookshelf and from it I take down the official Shrek cook book from which I prompt you to choose a recipe of your liking the food has been eaten and you ask to use the restroom I politely direct you to its location then let you make your way alone in my bathroom you see my Shrek lip balm Shrek face mask Shrek perfumes you glances behind my Shrek shower curtain to see my Shrek soaps and my Shrek sponges you begin to consider the possibility that I may have a “problem” you are wrong I am perfectly fine how dare you subconsciously insult me inside my own home in my own bathroom what the fuck upon leaving the bathroom you catch me watering my Shrek chia pet I am mentally noting that its growth is impressive secretly feeling overwhelmed by the impressive and not at all strange amount of Shrek themes in my home you make up an excuse to try and leave you say it is getting late I note aloud that I hadn’t even noticed and look over at my Shrek clock to confirm I internally note that it’s barely past noon and not actually that late at all but I don’t say anything about this thought out of politeness to my guest I show you to the door and we exchange goodbyes as you are on your way out you catch a glimpse of my Shrek car you wonder how you didn’t notice it on the way in as you catch a glimpse of the back window Shrek decal it’s of Donkey and he sort of looks as if he’s waving at you you waved in response and then you wondered why you did that it’s a sticker a tiny inanimate object completely incapable of any sort of consciousness I see that people keep reblogging this but they’re only reblogging a part of it up to the cook book bit I love you but please appreciate my shitposts in their entirety This will be me in the future Get ready folks! I stopped reading half way and just looked in awe @milky-phan Meme

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