Search Tumblr Since we're coming to the last month of the year here are the Top 10 Tumblr Controversies This Year 1 Popular blogger who was paid $120 by their followers to eat all the little fish out of their aquarium 2 Misha Collins tries to do an AMA but staff forgot to promote it on the top of the site like usual so he didn't get any questions 3 Staff accidentally brings back post editing for a total of 5 minutes and John Green is immediately harassed and he is forced to delete all his posts 4 Popular user starts rumor that baby was born and in dashcon ballpit but it comes out that there actually was a baby born in one of the dashcon bathrooms 5 Disney claims copyright on 17 different users who had references to baby yoda in their URL and staff deletes all 17 of their blogs 6 Voice actor of Dobby Patrick Stewart is sent massive amounts of anonymous harassment after declairing Dobby deserved what he got in the end 7 Communismkills reveals that she eats her pizza without any sauce or toppings and also later reveals that she has scurvy 8 Sixpencee tries to bring back sixpenceeheals and copy pasted the old post about it but then deleted it 10 mins after posting 9 Popular rat blog dedicated to letting her rats type the posts accidentally posts a homophobic slur in all caps 10 Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary tried to sue the person behind the I just want to get dicked down again - post but they lose and the blog remains up runawaymarbles 11 Doomsneigh posts a list of tumblr controversies that are all fake but have just enough truth to them that everyone starts questioning their own memories Source doomsneigh Not the first king of controversy Meme











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