lokis-high-priestess: thesvenqueen: quiteliterallyhotsauce: dontwantthenextcommanderiwantyou: quiteliterallyhotsauce: 7553- Tommy Callaway. Lives in Statesboro, GA He deleted his twitter… He think he’s brave enought to snack a women’s behind but not brave enough to face the consequences? They won’t stop until they get punished.  He thinks what he did was ok. That is why we need Womanism.   He’s been identified, what we need is for her to follow thru and FILE CHARGES now because that’s the ONLY way he’ll face punishment, don’t let his ass slide. Runner who slapped reporter’s behind on live TV has been identified and banned from future running events, charges pending https://nypost.com/2019/12/09/runner-who-slapped-tv-reporters-butt-is-banned-from-future-races/ “But did you see what she was wearing!!!??? Practically asking for it!” Couldn’t have said it better myself Travis. Runner accused of slapping reporter’s butt on live TV now charged with sexual battery