Santa Maria Forum JaneJohn Doe el added 3 new photos 袧邪n 51 mins 8 mins 路 O Before you guys ask yes this is a fake account I have to be anonymous to avoid punishment But I have something to say about good samaritan If you donate to the good samaritan emergency shelter program or are thinking about it please stop giving us nice things I am staying at the shelter right now with my children anonymous remember so no personal details But I and most other people there are tired of the staff taking the nice things for themselves New or expensive clothes good food whatever You donate it and we never see it Our staff take the good things home The last straw that drove me to posting this is the donuts last night Some very nice young college students I think came by and donated 5 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts for us They walked around handing out little baggies of hygiene supplies and told us they also brought us Krispy Kreme Everyone was excited for those donuts because Krispy Kreme is so good and they haven't been open long When I saw the office I knew they were gone Everyone kept asking so the staff said they would give them out after dinner After dinner came around and they said they'd give them out before bedtime Bedtime came around and they said we'd get them in the morningmorning came and they were gone We watched them eat some of them through the glas windows to the office and I can only assume they took the rest home because we never got them and they disappeared This is not the first or last time the staff have stolen donations meant for the homeless This is just the last straw Please stop giving us nice things unless you will hand them out to us yourselves It's sad to even have to post this you would think the donations you give to homeless people would go to those homeless people and Santa came for Tristen Arabella and Francisco! I cant wait until the morning! Do Cows Meate n pop-up peekaboo! Nesquik Nesquik Squik sgail PEPPER PATCH PEPPER PATCH ten WOT SANCKS take all 5 boxes onto Queen Hana 13h ago BUT FIRST CANDY YOU of my NEON WORMS PEA not to the shelter staff for them to take back to their warm homes and eatwearuse themselves when they can afford to buy it But unfortunately that is exactly the case Share Comment Like A basket full of goodies from a client and some donuts from a donation Good Samaritan worker steals donut donations AND gives donations to family for Christmas馃憥 In the future please give donations directly to adults and children Meme











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