Safari l LTE you've simply reopened a subject you thought you were shutting down Bravo! 208 PM 13% Ultimately only those who know Kjellberg personally can comment on the accuracy of that assertion Even if he's joking however the reality is that many neo-Nazis on the alt-right think Kjellberg's antics are genuine In the past few weeks the Daily Stormer the internet's most popular racist blog community rebranded itself as the world's #1 PewDiePie Fansite complete with a banner image of Adolf Hitler and the YouTube star The Daily Stormer graphic also includes a photo of Ainsley Harriott a British celebrity chef whose image appeared in a supposedly humorous meme about gassing Jewish people A photo cutout of Harriott was featured in a January clip that Kjellberg released in which he satirically attempts to summon the spirit of Hitler after playing the anthem of the German National Socialist Party Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer's creator has praised Kjellberg profusely for months He was ecstatic over the Harriott clip A guy with 52 million YouTube subscribers is subtly pushing esoteric Hitlerist magic to his base under the guise of humor This is for real 2017 and PewDiePie is a leading neo-Nazi white supremacist In a September post Anglin enthused about another Kjellberg clip in which he attacks a YouTube content alert program According to Anglin the community alert program was a lewish plot and Kjellberg is a hero for criticizing it 22617 1155 AM 1118 Retweets 7411 Likes Sombrero@Sombrer99971610 41s Replying to @jk_rowling Kill yourself Tweet your reply Meme

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