s Melissa Grey Follow @meligrey It's always really surprising to me how differently I respond to the Cinderella mythos than some other similarly feminist women 529 PM-22 Mar 2015 73 RETWEETS 77 FAVORITES Follow Melissa Grey @meligrey I see a lot of She just waited around and then a prince saved her The end What antifeminist dreck! 529 PM-22 Mar 2015 120 RETWEETS 206 FAVORITES s Melissa Grey Follow @meligrey When I was a kid dealing with abuse what other people saw as waiting I saw as surviving 530 PM- 22 Mar 2015 146 RETWEETS 349 FAVORITES Melissa Grey ф @meligrey ' Follow Cinderella never seemed to me to be a doormat putting up with abuse She survived it and then found love later in life 531 PM-22 Mar 2015 290 RETWEETS 542 FAVORITES Follow Melissa Grey ф @meligrey And that was actually a really positive message for Baby Melissa I kind of hate seeing it torn apart 531 PM-22 Mar 2015 93 RETWEETS 180 FAVORITES Follow Melissa Grey ф @meligrey Why did Cinderella let her stepmothersisters treat her like that? Shut up Not how abuse works 533 PM-22 Mar 2015 213 RETWEETS 437 FAVORITES s Melissa Grey @meligrey Follow Cinderella survived abuse It didn't turn her hard and cold inside She stayed good and kind and found a way to be happy 534 PM- 22 Mar 2015 289 RETWEETS 600 FAVORITES Follovw Jenn Marie Thorne @juniperjenny @meligrey Totally agree Just showing up to that ball was an incredibly transgressive brave act 533 PM- 22 Mar 2015 Retweeted by Melissa Grey 10 RETWEETS 11 FAVORITES s Melissa Grey Follow @meligrey @EmilyHenryWrite I hate hate hate when people say they'd stand up to abusers Means they have no fucking clue what it's like to live in fear 536 PM- 22 Mar 2015 5 RETWEETS 17 FAVORITES Follow Melissa Grey ф @meligrey So what if Cinderella's happy ending is finding love? Do you have any idea how hard it is for survivors to believe they're worth loving? 544 PM-22 Mar 2015 641 RETWEETS 1139 FAVORITES Follow Melissa Grey @meligrey Cinderella marrying the prince isn't a passive antifeminist act Loving and being loved are super hard when you grow up with abuse 544 PM-22 Mar 2015 895 RETWEETS 1709 FAVORITES Follovw Melissa Grey ф @meligrey In the new adaptation the repetition of Have courage and be kind isn't a meaningless platitude if you consider the cycle of abuse 610 PM -22 Mar 2015 52 RETWEETS 79 FAVORITES Melissa Grey @meligrey Follow Abuse warps people inside Choosing to be kind is not choosing to be passive It's choosing to end the cycle of abuse 611 PM-22 Mar 2015 128 RETWEETS 177 FAVORITES Melissa Grey @meligrey Follow Cinderella deciding to be kind is Cinderella deciding to be better to be more than the people who hurt her It's a courageous act in itself 613 PM-22 Mar 2015 126 RETWEETS 202 FAVORITES fluffycakesistainted imagineagreatadventure I just thought this set of tweets was really important ​This set of tweets is ALWAYS important Meme






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