rk properly display the picture as Peter shook his hea Voice laced with disappointment Huh I never th he'd really do that See right there you've made a judgment call he said to an attoeg ngratulating him he didn't really ict replied You've got to see it like it is Funny you should say that 'cause I was looking old photo of mine and it sure did look similar Brock froze > and as typicaly' > was starting to be hand and sadin a He tried to laugh it off and didn't succeed In a slig strangled voice he said Okay well gotta get bac work You're trash Brock Parker's voice was deep challenging It almost cr out for Brock to take a swing at him There was none Brant walking par p of course-he al space! Bety nl he quavering protest or traces of uncertainty to whie Brock had become accustomed Excuse me? Welcome to t Peter casually tossed a large yellow envelope onte Brock's desk Eddie's eyes went wide when he saw the ad dress printed on the envelope's upper corner Empire State University Department of Photography Your picture's a fake Peter said with quiet conviction Brock felt as if he were shrinking while Peter was growing in stature You grafted two images together Digital shots you took at the scene of the crime and a picture from two years ago that I took where Spider fthat day's p to figure d he heard hor the latest wb dto see Petel my picture you Man Cntrance of money that he'd just got in te bank pres Yask in relected Ives to his forward c One of our favorite moments in novel form πŸ—‘ Meme











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