Researchers Studied 160 Milliorn Memes and Found Most of Them Come From Two Websites A study of hundreds of millions of images from Reddit 4chan Gab and Twitter reveals how memes spread Samantha Cole Jun 12 20181027am 产ブ Researchers at University College London developed a new way to measure how memes are made and spread What they found won't surprise anyone who's peered into the darker parts of the internet in the last few years The most toxic yet most effectively spread memes are first shared on two places the subreddit rthe_donald and 4chan's politically incorrect forum called pol Smug Frog Meme Image Cluster 1 Cluster N Figure 1 An example of a meme Smug Frog that provides an intu- ition of what an image a cluster and a meme is When? Where? What? Who? How apustaja sad-frog savepepe pepe smug-frog-asmug-frog-b anti-meme 06 o 04 02 00 Figure 6 Inter-cluster distance between all clusters with frog memes Clusters are labeled with the origin 4 for 4chan D for The Donald and G for Gab and the meme name To ease readability we do not display all labels abbreviate meme names and only show an excerpt of all relationships Smug Anime Face He will not divide us Costanza DemotivationalPosters Smug Polandball Anime Forty Keks Absolutely Disgusting Face Doom Paul Its Happening POTENTIAI forty keks IT DIDN'T MAVE TO END LIKE ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTIN REAT AGAIN Make America Colbertposting Great Again Smug Frog DubsCheck'em Computer Reaction Faces Apu Apustaja Reaction Images Wojak Feels Guy This is bait 60's Spiderman Bait this is Bait Into the Trash it goes Sad Frog smug eastern Happy Merchant Counter Signa Memes IKNOW THAT FEEL BRO Baneposting autistic screeching Pepe the Frog I Know that Feel Bro WHY Tony Kornheiser's Why Feels Good Laughing Tom Donald Trump's Murica Angry Pepe Cruise Well Autistic Screeching Spurdo Sparde Figure 7 Visualization of the obtained clusters from pol The Donald and Gab Well would you look at that Since the left can't meme we get labeled as hateful Meme








Pepe the Frog



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