Racism is such a trite overused politically-correct accusation that it has caused serious unintended consequences Law enforcement now report such ridiculous examples as people failing to report crimes for fear of being called racist Blacks are not whites with different skin there are a whole plethora of differences in matters such as cognition reasoning skills ability to communicate and impulse control in addition to organic physical differences in brain size musculoskeletal composition and neurological differences Political correctness and a desire to claim an equality that does not exist has resulted in a culture that literally fears giving offense when blacks commit the overwhelming majority of violent crime and when they pose a threat to themselves to others and to law enforcement Fortunately the pendulum is swinging back and more and more people are showing signs of fatigue from incessant claims of victimhood blame displacement and outright refusal to take any accountability responsibility or agency on the part of blacks for their own plight Don't bother trotting out how blacks had to suffer centuries of slavery and discrimination US black crime and welfare statistics are identical in places like London England where the proportion of blacks to the general population is identical but where the history of slavery and discriminatory legislation eG Jim Crow does not exist When blacks take over a region be it Haiti South Africa or Zimbabwe where white infrastructure had previously been installed they do nothing to maintain such things as homes buildings highways and electrical and watersewer utilities but instead destroy everything like an invasive species Young black men with a tiny minority acting as a glaring exception do not have any goals other than to have an Escalade with spinners and to become wealthy from rapping and basketball Otherwise their idle lives consist entirely of smoking marijuana and just chillin when they aren't otherwise engaged in such things as the knockout game and lying to the mainstream media when one of them ends of up after attacking a police officer Don't talk about judging others by the content of their character when the content of their character results in these kinds of conclusions Close Some of those on TheTopTens are the same that burn crosses Meme











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