R UL ES FOR DATaNG MY D A UG HTER According to all known laws of aviation there is no way a bee should be able to fly ts wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground The bee of course flies anyway because bees dort care what humans think is impossible Yellow black Yellow black Yellow black Yellow black Och black and yeliowl Lets shake it upa little Baryl Breakfast is readyt Oomingt Hang on a second Hello?- Bary?-Adam?- Oan you believe this is happening?-Icart nl pick you up Looking sharp Use the stairs Your father paid good money for those Sony fm excited Here's the graduate Were very proud of you son A perfect report card all Bs Very proud Mat I got a thing going here- You got int on your fuzz Ow That's met-Wave to us! Well be in row 118000 Byel Bary I told you stop fying in the housel-Hey Adam-Hey Bary-Is that furz gel?-A litle Special day graduation Never thought fd make it Three days grade school three days high school Those were awoward Three days college fm glad I took a day and Nitchhiked around the hive You did come back different-Hi Bary-Artie growing a mustache? Looks good-Hear about Frankie?-Yeah- You going to the funeral?-Na fm net going Everybody knows sting someone you die Dort waste it on a squimel Such a hothead I guess he could have just gotten out of the way I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day Thats why we dort need vacations Boy qulte a bit of pemp under the circumstances- Wel Adam today we are men We arel-Bee-men Ament Halleljaht Students faculty distinguished bees please welcome Dean Burrwell Welcome New Hive Oity graduating elass of15 That concludes our ceremanies And begins your career at Honex Industriest Will we pick ourjob today? I heard it's just orientation Heads upl Here we ga Keep your hands and anternas inside the tram at all times Wonder what inl be like?-A little scary Welcome to Honex a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon Group This is it Wow Wow We know that you as a bee have worked your whole fe to get to the point where you can wark for your whole life Honey begins when our valiant Pollen Jocks bring the nectar to the hive Our top-secret formda is automatically color-corected scent-adjusted and bubble-contoured into this soothing sweet synp with its distinetive goiden glow you kow as Haneyl-That girf was hot She's my cousint-She is?-Yes we're all cousins-Right Youre right At Honex we constantly strive to improve every aspect of bee existence These bees are stress-testing a new helmet technology- What do you think he makes?-Not enough Here we have our latest advancement the Krelman-What does that de?-Oatches that little strand of honey that hangs after you pour it Saves us milions Oan anyone work on the Krelman? Oof course Most bee jobs are small ones But bees know that every small o iits done wel means a lot But choose carefuly because youl stay in the job you pick for the rest of your life The same job the rest of your life? I didt kow that Whafs the difference? You be hapy to know that bees as a species havert had ane day off in 27 million years So youll just work us to death? Well sure try Wow job if is done do you think he makes? N yp with ts dstinctive oni yo asabee have wo triest Will we pick oauriob to he ciumstances-Well the funeral?-Na fmnet ght rd make it Three da prfect report card That biew my mind What's the difference?T How can you say that? One job forever? That's an insane choice to have to make fm relieved Now we only have to make one decision in life But Adam how could they never have told us that Wy would you question anything? Were bees Were the most perfectly functioning society on Earth You ever think maybe things work a little too well here? Like what7 Give me one example I dort know But you know what fm talking about Please clear the gate Royal Nectar Force on approach Wait a secand Oheck it out-Hey those are Pollen Jockst- Wow ve never seen them this close They know what its like cutside the hive Yeah but some dort come back-Hey Jockst- Hi Jockst You guys did great! Youre monsters! Youtre sky treaks! I love it I love it-twonder where they were-I dot know Their days not planned Outside the hive flying who knows where doing who knows what You catjust decide to be a Pollen Jock You have to be bred for that Right Look Thats more polen than you and I will see in a lifetime Its just a status symbol Bees make too much of it Perhaps Unless youre wearingi arnd the ladies see you wearing it Those ladies? Arert they our cousins too? Distant Distarst Look at these twa Oouple of Hive Hamys Lets have fun with them t mst be dangerous being a Polen Jock Yeah Once a bear pirned me agaist a mushroom He had a paw on my theroat and with the other he was slapping mel-On myt-Inever thought rd knock him out What were you doing during this? Trying to alert the authortties I can autograph that A little gusty out there today wasrt comrades? Yeah Gusty Were hitting a sunflower patch six miles from here tomorow Six miles hh-Bamyl A pusdle jump for us but maybe youre not up for it Maybe I am-You are not Were going 0900 at J-Gate What do you think brzy-boy? Are you bee enought I might be It all depends on what 0900 mears Hey Honex! Dad you surprised me You decide what youre interested int- Wel there's a lot of choices- But you only get one Do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? Son let me tell you about stiming You grab that stick and you just move it srourd and you stie it around You get yourself into a thythm Its a beautifd thing You Our son the stirert-Youre gonna be a stimer?-No ones listering to met Wait till you see the sticks I have I couid saay anything right now fm gonna get an ant tattool Lets open some honey and celebratel Maybe pierce my thorax Shave my anternae Shack up with a grasshopper Get a gold tooth and call everybody dawg'! m se proud- Were starting work todayt- Today's the day Oome on All the good jobs will be gone Yeah right Pollen eounting stunt bee pouring stime front desk hair removal-s it still available?-Hang an Two left One of themts yourst Oongratulationsl Step to the side- Whatd you get-Picking crud out Stellart Wow Oouple of newbies? Yes sirt Our frst dayt We are readyt Make your choice- You want to go first?-Na you ga Oh my Whats available? Restroom attendants open not for the reason you think-Any chance of getting the Kreiman?-Sure youre on fm somy the Krelman just elosed out Wax monkey's ahways open The Krelman opened up again What happenedtA bee ded Makes an opering See? Hes dead Another dead one Deady Deadfed Two more dead Dead from the eck up Dead from the neck down That's lifel Oh tis is so hard Heating cooling sturnt bee pourer stimer humming inspector number severn lint coordinator stripe supervisor mite wrangle Bary what do you think I shoud Bay? Bamyl All right welve got the sunflower patch in quasdrant nine What happened to you? Where are yout- fm going out Out? Out where?-Out there-Oh nol I have to before I go to work for the rest of my life Youre goma diel Youre eraryl Helle? Another eall coming in If anyenes feeling brave there's a Korean dell on 83ed that gets their roses today Hey guys-Look at that-Isrt that the id we saw yesterday? Hold it son ight decks restricted It's OK Lou Were ganna take him up Realy? Feeling lucky are you? Sign here here Just initial that-Thank you-OK You got a rain advisory today and as you all bees cannot fly in rain So be careful As always watch your brooms hockey sticks dogs bieds bears and bats Alsa I got a couple of reports of root beer being poured on us Murphy's in a home because of it babbling lke a cicada That's awful-And a reminder for you rookles bee law number one absolutely no talking to humanst All right unch positions! Buzz bz bar bzzt Burz burz burz burz! Burz burz buz buurz! Black and yellow Hellol You ready for this hot shot? Yeah Yeah bring it an Wind check Antennse check- Nectar pack check Wings check Stinger check Seared out of my shorts check OK ladies lets move t out Pound those petunias you striped stem-suckers! All of you drain those flowersl Wowl fm out I cart beleve fm out So blue I feel so fast and freel Bax kitel Wowt Flowers! This is Blue Leader We have roses visual Bring it around 30 degrees and hold Roses! 30 degrees roger Bringing it arournd Stand to the side kid its got a bit of a kick That is one neetar colectort-Ever see pollination up close?- No sie I pick up some polen here sprinkde it over here Maybe a dash over there a pinch on that one See that? its a little bit of magie That's amazing Why do we do that? Thats polen power Mare polen more flowers more necta more honey for us Oool fm picking up a lot of bright yellow Oould be daisies Dort we need those? Ocpy that visual Wait One of these flowers seems to be on the move Say ogain? Youre reporting a moving flower? Atffimative That was on the line This is the coolest What is i?I dot know but fm loving this color t smeils good Not like a flowe ut like it Yeah furzy Ohemical-y Oareful guys ts a little grabby My sweet lord of beest Oandy-brain get off therel Problemt-Guyst-is could be bod Afemative Very elose Gorna hurt Mama's little boy You are way out of position roodel Ooming ln at you like a missilel Help mel I dort think these are flowers-Should we tell him?-I think he knows What is this Match point! You can start packing up honey because youre about to eat t Yowser Gros Theres a bee in the cart- Do something!-frm driving!-Hi bee-Hes bock herel Hes going to sting mel Nobody move you dort move he wort sting you Freezel He binked Spray him Grarnyt What are you doing Wow the tension level out here is unbelievable I gotta get home Oart fly in rain Oart fy in rain Oant ly in rain Mayday! Maydayt Bee going down Ken could you close the window please? Ken couid you close the window please? Check out my new resume I made it into a feld-out brochure You see? Folds then Theyre out of their minds When I leave a job interview thyre flabbergasted eart believe what I say There's the sun Maybe thars a way out I dot remember the sun having a big 75 on it Ipredcted gicbal warming I couid feel it getting hotter At first I thought it was just me Wait! Stopl Beel Stand back These are winter boots Wait Dorft kill Nm You know fm allergic to them! This thing could kill mel Why does his lde have less value than yours? Why does his life have any less value than mine? Is that your statement? fm just saying all life has value You dont know what hes capable of feeling My brochure There you go little guy fm net scared of him ts an allergic thing Put that on your resume brochure My whole face could puff up Make it one of your special skills Knocking someone out is also a special skill Right Bye Vanessa Thanks-Vanessa next week? Yogurt night?-Sure Ken You know whatever You could put carob chips on there Bye-Supposed to eless calories Bye I gotta say something She saved my ife i gotta say something All right here it goes Nah What would I say?l could really get in trouble It's a bee law Youre not supposed to talk to a human lcart believe fm doing this Ive got to Ohl cart do it Oome onl No Yes Na Do it I cart How should I start it? You like jazzr No thats no good Here she comes! Speak you fool Hil fm sony- Youre talking- Yes I know Youre talikingt fm so sony No its OK Its fine I know fm dreaming But I dot recall going to bed Wel fm sure this is very disconcerting This is a bit of a suprise to me I mean youre a beel I am And fm not supposed to be doing this but they were all trying to kill me And if it wasrt for you I had to thank you it's just how Iwas raised That was a little weird- fm talking with a bee- Yeah fm talking to a bee And the bee is talking to me I just warnt to say fm grateful l leave now-Wait How dd you leam to do thar?-What? The talking thing Same way you did Iguess Mama Dada honey You pick it up Thats very funny- Yeah Bees are funy we didt laugh wed cry with what we have to deal with Anyway Oan Lget you something?-Like what? I donh know I mean I dont know Ocfee? I dort want to put you out s no trouble It takes two minutes-It's ust coffee-I hate to impose Dort be ridiculous-Actually i would love a cup Hey you want nm cake?-1should-Have some No Icat-Oome ont Im trying to lose a couple micrograms-Where?- These stripes dort help You look great! I dont kneow if you know anything about fashion Are you all right? No He's making the tie in the cab as theyre ying up Madison He finally gets there He runs up the steps into the church The wedding is on And he says Watermelan? I thought you said Guatemalan Why would I many a watermelon? is that a bee joke? Thats the kind of stuff we do Yeah different So what are you gonna do Banry? About work? dont know I want to do my part for the hive but I cart do it the way they want I know how you feel-You do-Sure My parents wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor but I wanted to be a florist-Really?-My only interest is flowers Our new queen was just elected with that same campaign slogan Anyway if you look There's my ive right there See in Youre in Sheep Meadow! Yes! Im right off the Turtle Pond No way! I know that area I lost a toe ring there once- Why do girls put rings on their toes?- Why not?-ts like putting a hat on your knee- Maybe nl try that You all right malam?-Oh yeah Fine Just having two cups of coffeel Anyway this has een great Tranks or the cofee Yeal i no trouble Soy i couldt finish it idd fd be up the rest of my life Are you7Oan I take a piece of this with me? Surel Here hve a crumb-Thankst- Yeah All right Well then I guess i see you around Or not OK Bay And thank you so much again for before Oh that? That was nothing Well not nothing but Anyway This cart possibly work He's all set to ga We may as well try it OK Dave pul the chte Sounds amazing-t was amazing! t was the scarlest happlest moment of my life Humans! I cant believe you were with humans! Giant scary hurnans! What were they like? Huge and crary They talk crary They eat crary glant things They drive crary-Do they try and kill you like on TVn-Some of them But some of them dort-Howd you get back?-Poode You did it and fm glad You saw whatever you wanted to see You had your experience Now you can pick out yourjob and be nomal-Wel-Wel? Well I met someone You did? Was she Bee-ish? A wasp Your parents wll kill yout-No no no not a wasp Spider?-m not attracted to spiders I know its the hottest thing with the eight legs and allI cart get by that face So who is she? She's buman No no Thats a bee law You wouldt break a bee law-Her name's Vanessa Oh boy Shels so nice Aned she's a florist! Oh nol Youre dating a human florist! We're not dating Youre flying outside the hive taiking to humans that attack our homes with power washers and M-80s! One-eighth a stick of dynamitel She saved my lifel And she understands me This is over Eat this This is not over What was that?- Theye call it a crumb-t was so stingirt stripeyl And thats not what they eat That's what falls off what they eat- You know what a Oimnabon is?- No It's bread and cinamon and frosting They heat it up Sit down ealy hod-Listen to me We are not them! Were us There's us and theres them Yes but who can deny the heart that is yeaming? There's no yeaming Stop yeaming Lsten to me You have got to start thinking bee my friend Thinking beel- Thinking bee Thinking bee Thinking beel Thinking beel Thinking beel Thinking beel There he is Hes in the pool You know what your problem is Barry?I gotta start thinking bee How much longer will this go on? s been three days! Why aret you working? ve got a lot of big life decisions to think about What life? You have no life! You have no job Youre barely a beel Would it kall you to make a little honey? Bany come out Your father's taliking to you Martin wouid you talk to him? Bary Im talking to yout You coming? Got everything? All set Go ahead l catch up Dort be too long Watch thist Vanessal- We're still here-Itoid you not to yell at him He doesrit respond to yeling- Then why yell at me?-Because you dorft listent fm not listening to this Somy Ive gotta go-Where are you going?-m meeting a friend A girt? Is this why you carft decide? Bye Ijust Why dort you run everywhere? It's faster Yeah OK I see I see All right your tum TIVo You can just freeze live TV? Thats insanel You dort have that? We have Hivo but its a disease ts a homble homble disease Oh my Dumb bees! You must want to sting all those jerks We ty not to sting Its usually fatal for us So you have to watch your temper Very caretuly You kick a wal take a walk wite an angry letter and throw it out Work through it lke any emotion Anger jealousy lust Oh my goodness! Are you OK7 Yeah-What is wrong with youn- Iits a bug Hes not bothering anybody Get out of here you creep What was that? A Pic N Save circularn Yeah it was How did you know? t felt like about 10 pages Seventy-fve is pretty much our limit Youlve realy got that down to a science-1 lost a cousin to talian Vogue-l bet What in the name of Mighty Hercules is this? How did this get here? Oute Bee Golden Blossom Ray Lictta Private Select?-s he that actor?-Inever heard of him -Why is this here?-For people We eat it You dot have enough food of your own?-Well yes- How do you get i?- Bees make it-Iknow who makes it And it's hard to make it There's heating cooling stining You need a whole Krelman thing!-ts organie-s ourganict it's just honey Bary Just what Bees dont now about thist This is stealing! A lot of stealing! Youve taken our homes schools hospltalst This is al we havel And its on sale m getting to the bottom of this Im getting to the bottom of all of thist Hey Hector You almost done-Almost He is here Isense it Well Iguess go home now and just leave this nice honey out with no one around Youre busted box boyt I knew I heard something So you can taild I can talk And now youl start taliking! Where you geting the sweet stuf? Whd your supplier? I dort understand I thought we were friends The last thing we want to do is upset beest Youre too latel ts ours nowt You si have crossed the wrong sword You sit will be lunch for my iguana ignaciol Where is the honey coming from? Tell me where! Honey Farmst t comes from Honey Farmst Orary person! What homble thing has happened here? These faces they never knew what Nt them And now they're on the road to nowhere Just keep still What? Youre not dead? Do l look ad? They will wipe anything that moves Where you headed? To Haney Farms I am onto something huge here fm going to Alaska Moose blood crary stuff Blows your head off fm going to Tacoma-And you?-He really is dead All right Uh-oh- What is that-Oh not-Awipert Triple biadel- Triple blade? Jump ont Its your dead? They ww fyia lgnaciol Where is th ca tae I can tak And now le m getting to the b nd it's hard to make t Thres Hercules is this? How did eis et b body Get out of here you crt only chance beet Why does everything hove to be so doggone clean How much do you people need to seet Open your eyest Stick your head out the windowl From NPR News in Washington fm Oarl Kasel But dot l no more bugs!-Beel-Moose blood guyi- You hear something?-Like what? Lke tiny screaming Tum ff the radio Whassup bee boy? Hey Blood Just a row of honey jars as far as the eye could see Wow I assume wherever this truck goes is where theyre geting it I mean that honey's ours-Bees hang tight- Were all jammed in it's a close community Not us man We on our own Every mosquito on his own-What if you get in trouble You a mosquito you in trouble Nobody likes us They just smack See a mosquito smack smack At least youre out in the world You must meet girls Mosquito girls try to trade up get with a moth dragonly Mosquito girl dort want no mosquito You got to be kidding mel Moosebioods about to leave the building So long beel Hey guyst-Mooseblood I new rd catch yall down here Did you bring your crazy straw? We throw it in jars slap a label on it and it's pretty much pure proft What is this place? A bees got a brain the size of a pinhead They are pinheedst Pinhead Oheck ot the new smoker- Ch sweet Thats the one you want The Thomas 3000 Smoker? Ninety puffs a minute semi-automatile Twice the nicotine all the tar A couple breaths of this knocks them right out They make the honey and we make the money They make the honey and we make the money7 Oh myt What's going an? Are you OK? Yeah It doesnt last too long Do you know youre in a fake hive with fake walls? Our queen was moved here We had no choice This is your quen? Thats a man in womerts clothest Thats a drag gueent What is this? Oh nol Theres harndreds of them Bee honey Our honey is being brazenly stolen on a massive scale This is worse than anything bears have done intend to do something Oh Bamy stop Who told you humans are taking our honey? Thats a rumoe Do these look like rumors? Thats a conspiracy theory These are obviously doctored photos How did you get mixed up in this? He's been talking to humans What?- Talking to humans He has a human girttriend And they make out Make ou? Bayt We do not-You wish you could- Whose side are you on? The beest I dated a cricket once in San Antonio Those crazy legs kept me up all night Bary this is what you want to do with your ife? 1 want to do it for all our lives Nobody works harder than beest Dad I remember you coming home so overworked your hands were still stining You couldit stop remember that What right do they have to our honey? We Bive on two cups a year They put it in lip balm for no reason whatsoever Even if it's true what can one bee do? Sting them where it realy hurts In the face! The eyel- That would hurt No Up the nose? That's a killer There's only one place you can sting the humans one place where it matters Hive at Five the hives only full-hour action news source No more bee beardst With Bob Bumble at the anchor desk Weather with Stom Stinger Sports with Burz Larvi And Jeanete Ohung-Good evering fm Bob Bumble And fm Jeanete Ohung A tri-county bee Bary Benson intends to sue the human race for stealing our honey packaging it and profiting from it illegaly! Tomomow night on Bee Lary King well have three former queens here in our studio discusing their new book Olassy Ladies out this week on Hexagon Tonight we're talkding to Bary Benson Did you ever think Tm a kid from the hive I cart do this7 Bees have never been afraid to change the world What about Bee Oolumbus? Bee Gandhi? Bejesus? Where fm from we'd never sue humans We were thinking of stickball or candy stores How old are you? The bee community lis supporting you in this case which will be the trial of the bee century You know they have a Lary King in the human world too t's a common name Next week He looks like you and has a show and suspenders and colored dotsNext week Glasses quotes on the bottonm from the guest even though you just heard 'em Bear Week next weekd Theyre scary hairy and here live Always leans forward pointy shoulders squinty eyes very Jewish In tennis you attack at the point of weakness! It was my grandmother Ken She's 81 Honey her backhands a jokel fm not gonna take advantage of that? Quiet please Actual work going on here- Is that that same bee?-Yes it ist fm helping Nim sue the human race -Hello Hello bee This is Ken Yeah I remember you Timberfand size ten and a half Vibram sole I beleve Why does he talk again? Listen you better go'eause we're realy busy working But its our yogurt night! Bye-bye Why is yogurt night so difficult You poor thing You two have been at this for hours! Yes and Adam here has been a huge help -Frosting How many sugars? Just one ltry not to use the competition So why are you helping me? Bees have good qualities And it takes my mind off the shop tnstead of flowers people are giving balloon bouguets now Those are great if youre three And artificial flowers- Oh those just get me paychotict-Yeah me too Bent stingers pointiess polination Bees must hate those fake things! Nothing worse than a daffodil thats had work done Maybe this could make up for it a itle bit This lawsuits a pretty big deal-I guess You sure you want to go through with it? Am t sure? When fm done with the humans they wort be able to say Honey fm home without paying a royaltyt ts an incredible scene here in downtown Manhattan where the world aniously waits because for the first time in history we will hear for ourselves if a honeybee can actusly speak What have we gotten into here Bany? ts pretty big ist it? icart believe how many humans dort work during the day You think billion-dolar mutinational food companies have good lawyers? Everybody needs to stay behind the barmicade What's the matter?-Idort know I just got a chil Well if it isrt the bee team You boys work on this? All rise! The Honorable Judge Bumbleton presiding All right Oase number 4475 Superior Oourt of New York Bany Bee Benson v the Honey Industry is now in session Mc Montgomery youre representing the five food companies collectively? A privilege Mr Benson youre representing all the bees of the world? fm kidding Yes Your Honox were ready to proceed Mr Montgomeryyour opening statement please Ladies and gentlemen of the juy my grandmother was a simple woman Bom on a tam she believed t was maris divine right to benefit from the bounty of nature God put before us If we lhved in the topsy-turvy world Mr Benson imagines Just think of what would it mean I would have to negotiate with the silkwom for the elastic in my britches! Taiking beel How do we know this ist some sort of holographic motion-picture-capture Holywood wizardry? They could be using laser beams! Roboticat Ventriloquismt Oloningt For all we know he could be on sterolds! Mr Benson? Ladies and gentlemen there's no trickery here fm just an ordinary bee Honey's pretty important to me ts Important to all bees We invented it We make it And we otion-plcture-capture Hollywood wizardry? They coid be od put before us If we tived in the topsy-turvy world M Benson imagines wre ready to proceed Mr Montgomery your opening statemert piese protect it with our lives Unfortunately there are some people in this room who think they can take it from us 'cause were the little guyst Im hoping that after this is all over youl see how by taking our honey you not only take everything we have but everything we are! I wish hed dress like that ol the time So nicel Oal your first witness So Mr Klauss Vanderhayden of Honey Farms big company you have I suppose so I see you also own Honeyburton and Honront Yes they provide beekeepers for our farms Beekeepe i find that to be a very disturbing tem I dot Imagine you employ any bee-free-ens do you?-No-Icouldt hear you-No-No Because you dort free bees You keep bees Not only that it seems you thought a bear would be an appropriate image for a jar of honey Theyre very lovable creatures Yogi Bear Fozzie Bear Build-A-Bear You mean like this? Bears kill beest Howd you like his head crashing through your living room Biting into your coucht Spiting out your throw pillows! OK thats enough Take him away So Mr Sting thank you for being here Your name intrigues me-Where have iI heard it before?-I was with a band called The Police But youve never been a police officer have you? No I havert No you havert And so here we have yet another example of bee culture casually stolen by a human for nothing more than a prance-about stage name Oh please Have you ever been stung Me Sting? Because fm feeling a little stung Sting Or should I say Mr Gordon M Sumner That's not his real name You ldiots! Me Liotta first belated congratulations on your Emmy win for a guest spot on ER in 2005 Thank you Thank you I see from your resume that youre devilishly handsome with a chuming inner turmoil thats ready to blow I enjoy what I do is that a crime? Not yet it isnt But is this what its come to for you? Exploiting tiny helpless bees so you dort have to rehearse your part and leam your lines si? Watch it Benson! I could blow right now This ist a goodfela This is a bodella! Why doest someone just step on this creep and we can all go home-Order in this court-Youtre al thinking it Ordert Order I sayt-Say it-Mr Uotta please sit down I think it was awuly nice of that bear to pitch in like that I think the jury's on our side Are we doing everything right legally? m a florist Right Wel heres to a great team To a great teamt Well hella-Kent-Hela I didt think you were coming No I was just late I tried to call but the battery t didt want all this to go to waste so l caled Barry Luckly he was free Oh that was lucky Theres a lite left I could heat it up Yeah heat it up sure whatever So I hear youre quite a ternis player m not much for the game myself The bals a little grabby Thats where I uualy sit Right there Ken Bary was looking at your resume and he agreed with me that eating with chopsticks isrt really a special skill You think I dort see what youre doing? 1 know how hard it is to find the rightjob We have that in common Do we? Bees have 100 percent employment but we do jobs like taking the crud out Thats just what I was thinking about doing Ken I let Bary borow your razor for his fuzz I hope that was al ight fm goling to drain the old stinger Yeah you do that Look at that You knowe Ive just about had it with your litle mind games- Whats that?-talian Vogue Mamma mia that's a lot of pages A lot of ade Remember what Van said why is your life more valuabie than mine? Funny I just cant seem to recall that I think something stinks in herel love the smell of flowers How do you like the smell of fiames Not as much Water bugt Not taking sidest Ken fm wearing a Ohapstick hat This is pathetie ve got issues! Wel well well a royal usht-Youre bluffing-Am ? Surfs up dudel Poo watert That bowl is gnarty Except for those dirty yellow ringst Kenneth What are you dolingt You know I dort even lie honeyt I dort eat iet We need to tald Hes just a tle beel And he happens to be the nicest bee ve met in a long time Long time? What are you taling aboutt Are there other bugs in your life? No but there are other things bugging me in life And youre one of them! Finel Tailking bees no yogurt night My nerves are fried from riding on this emotional roller coastert Goodbye Ken And for your information I prefer sugar-fre atificial sweetenes made by mant fm somy about all that I know it's got an aftertaste! I like it lalways felt there was some kind of bamier between Ken and me I couidt overcome it O well Are you OK for the trial? I believe Mr Montpomery is about out of ideas We would like to call Mr Bamy Benson Bee to the stand Good ideat You can really see why he's considered one of the best lawyers Yeah Layton youve gotta weave Are you allergic? Only to losing son Only to losing Mc Benson Bee ask you what I think weld all like to know What exactly is your relationship to that woman?Were friends Good friends?-Yes How good? Do you live together? Wait a minute Are you her litlebedbug? ve seen a bee documentary or two From what I understand doest your queen give birth to all the bee children?-Yeah but-So those arent your real parents- Oh Bay-Yes they arel Hold me bock Youre an ilegitimate bee arert you Benson? Hes denouncing beest Dort yall date your cousins?-Objection-fm going to pincushion this guyt Adam dort ts what he wants Oh m hit Oh lordy I am hit Order Ordert The venom The venom is coursing through my veinst I have been felled by a winged beast of destruction You see? You cart treat them like equals! Theyre striped savages! Stinging's the only thing they knowt it's their wayt-Adam stay with me-I cart feel my legs What angel of mercy will come forward to suck the poison from my heaving buttocksi will have order in this court Ordert Order please! The case of the honeybees versus the human race took a pointed tum against the bees yesterday when one of their legal team stung Layton T Montgomery-Hey buddy- Hey-Is there much pain?-Yeah LIbew the whole case didtnn doest matter What matters is youre alve You could have died fd be better off dead Look at me They got it from the cafeteria downstairs in a tuna sandwich Look there's a litle celery still on it What was it ke to sting someone?I cant explain it It was al All adrenaline and then and then ecstasy! All ight You think it was all a trap? Of course fm somy I flew us right into this What were we thinking? Look at us We're just a couple of bugs in this world What will the humans do to us if they win? Idont know I hear they put the roaches in motels That doesrt sound so bad Adam they check in but they dont check out Oh my Oould you get a nurse to close that window?- Why?-The smoke Bees dort smoke Right Bees dort smoke Bees dort smokel But some bees are smoking That's it Thats our casel it is? s not over? Get dressed Ive gotta go somewhere Get back to the court and stall Stall any way you can And assuming youve done step comectly youre ready for the tub M Flayman Yes? Yes Your Honor Where is the rest of your team? Well Your Hono it's interesting Bees are trained to fly haphazardly and as a result we dort make very good time I actually heard a furny story about Your Honor havent these ridiculous bugs taken up enough of this courts valuable time? How much longer will we allow these absurd sheranigans to go on? They have presented no compelling evidence to support their charges against my clients who nun legitimate businesses I move for a complete dismissal of this entire casel Me Flayman fm afraid fm going to have to consider Mr Montgomerys motion But you cartt We have a temific case Where is your proof? Where is the evidence? Show me the smoking gunt Hold it Your Honort You want a smokding gun? Here is your smoking gun What is that? s a bee smokert What this? This harmless litle contraption? This couldrt hurt a fly let alone a bee Look at what has happened to bees who have never been asked Smoking or non is this what nature intended for us? To be forcibly addicted to smoke machines and man-made wooden slat work camps? Uving out our lives as honey slaves to the white man?- What are we goa do?-Hes playing the species card Ladies and gentiemen please free these bees! Free the beest Free the beest Free the bees! Free the beest Free the bees! The court finds in favor of the beest Vanessa we won! I kew you could do it High-fivel Somy fm OKI You know what this means? All the honey will frrally belong to the bees Now we wort have to work so hard all the time This is an unholy perversion of the balance of nature Benson Youll rogret this Bay how much honey is out there? All right One at a time Bamy who are you wearing? My sweater is Ralph Lauren and t have no pants What if Montpgomery's right?-What do you mean? Weve been Eving the bee way a long time 27 million years Oongratulations on your victory What will you demand as a settlement? First well demand a complete shutdown of ll bee work camps Then we want back the honey that was ours to begin with every last drop We demand an end to the glorification of the bear as anything more than a fithy smely bad-breath stink machine Were all aware of what they do in the woods Wait for my signal Take him out Hell have nauseous for a few hours then hell be fine And we will no longer tolerate bee-negative nicknames But ifs just a prance-about stage namelunecessary innclusion of honey in bogus health products and la-dee-da human tea-time snack gamishments Oart breathe Bring it in boys! Hold it right there! Good Tap it Mr Burzwell we just passed three cups and therels gallons more coming!-I think we need to shut downt-Shut down? Weve never shut down Shut down honey production Stop making honeyt Tum your key sirt What do we do now? Oannonball Were shuting honey production Mission abort Aborting pollination e some magic with this jury or its ganna be all over Dont wory The only thing I have to do to tum this jury around is to remind them of what they dont like about bees- You got the tweezers? honey back Sometimes I think so what if hamans liked our honey? Who would? ts the greatest thing in the world Iwas excited to be part of making it This was my new desk This was my new job I wanted to do it reaily wel And now Now I cart I dort understand why theyre not happy I thought their ives would be betert Theyre doing nothing ts amazing Honey really changes people You dort have any idea whts going on do you?-What did you want to show me- This What happened here? That is not the half of it Oh no On my Theyre all wilting Doesrt look very good does it? No And whose fault do you think that is? You know fm gonmna guess bees Bees? Specifically me I didift think bees not needing to make honey would affect all these things its notust flowers Fruits vegetables they all need bees Thats our whole SAT test right there Take away produce that affects the entire animal kingdom And then of course The human species? So if there's no more pollination it could all just go south here couldrt it? I know this is also partly my fault How about a suicide pact? How do we do i?- sting you you step on me Thatjust kills you twice Right right Usten Bamy somy but I gotta get going I had to open my mouth and talk Vanessa? Vanessa? Why are you leaving? Where are you going? To the final Tounament of Roses parade in Pasadena Theyve moved it to this weekend becaune all the flowers are dying s the last chance il ever have to see it Vanessa Ijust wanna say fm sory I never meant it to tun out ke this I know Me neither Toumament of Roses Roses cant do sports Walt a minute Roces Roses? Rosest Vanessal Roses Bary?-Roses are flowers!-Yes they are Flowers bees polent I know That's why this is the last parade Maybe not Oould you ask him to slow down? Oould you slow down? Bayt OK I made a huge mistake This is a total disaster all my faut Yes it kind of is Ive ruined the planet I wanted to help you with the flower shop fve made it worse Actualy Its completely closed down I thought maybe you were remodeling But I have another idea and its greater than my previous ldeas combined I dort want to hear it ll right they have the roses the roses have the polen I know every bee plant and flower bud in this park All we gota do is get what theyve got back here with what we've got Bees - Park Pollent-Flowers-Repollination Across the nation Tournament of Roses Pasadena Oalifomia Theyve got nothing but flowers floats and cotton candy Security will be tight I have an ldea Vanessa Bloome FTD Official floral business It's real Somy ma'am Nice brooch Thank you it was a gift Once inside we just pick the right float How about The Princess and the Pea7I could be the princess and you could be the peal Yes I got it-Where should I sit?-What are you?-I beleve fm the pea- The pea? t goes under the mattresses-Not in this fairy tale sweetheart-fm getting the marshal You do that! This whole parade is a fiascol Lets see what this babyll do Hey what are you doing Then all we do is blend in with trafficwithout arousing suspicion Once at the airport there's no stopping us Stop Security- You and your insect pack your flost?-Yes Has it been in your possession the entire time? Would you remove your shoes?-Remove your stinger-ts part of me I know JJust having some fun Enjoy your flight Then if we're lucky well have just enough pollen to do the job Oan you believe how lucky we are? We have just enough polen to do the jobl 1 think this is gonna work It's got to work Attention passengers this is Oaptain Scott We have a bit of bad weather in New York t looks like well experience a couple hours delay Bary these are cut flowers with no water Theyll never make It I gotta get up there and talk to them Be careful Oan i get help with the Sky Mall magazine? rd like too order the talking infiatable nose and ear hair trimmer umyl What happened here? There was a DustBuster a toupee a life raft exploded One's bald one's in a boat theyre both unconscious!-is that another bee joke?-Not No ones flying the plane! This is JFK control tower Flight 356 Whats your status? This is Vanessa Bloome Im a florist from New York Where's the pilot? Hes unconscious and so is the copilot Not good Does anyone onboard have fight experience? As a matter of fact there is- Whos that?-Bary Benson From the haney trial Oh great Vanessa this is nothing more than a big metal bee Its got glant wings huge engines I cant fly a plane Why not? lst John Travolta a pilo?-Yes How hard could it be? Wait Bary! Were headed into some lightring This is Bob Bumble We have some late-breaking news from K Airport where a suspenseful scene is developing Banry Benson fresh from his legal victory That's Baryt s attempting to land a plane loaded with people flowers and an incapacitated fight crew Flowers We have a storm in the area and two individuals at the controls with absolutely no flight experience Junt a minute There's a bee on that plane fm quite familiar with Mr Benson and his no-account compadres They've done enough damage But ist he your only hope? Technically a bee shoudt be able to fly at all Their wings are too smallHavert we heard this a million times? The surface area of the wings and body mass make no sense-Get this on the airt-Got it Stand by-Were going live The way we work may be a mystery to you Making honey takes a lot of bees doing a lot of smal jobs But let me tell you about a small jobf you do it wel it makes a big dfference More than we realized To us to everyone Thats why I want to get bees back to working together Thats the bee wayt Were not made of Jel-a We get behind a fellow- Bisck and yellow!- Hellol Left right down hover Hover?-Forget hover This ist so hard Beep-beept Beep-beepl Bany what happenedn Wait I think we were on autopilot the whole time- That may have been helping me-And now were not So t tums out I carnot fy a plane Al of you lets get behind this fellowt Move it out Move outt Our only chance is if Ido what rd do you copy me with the wings of the planel Dort have to yel m not yeling Were in a lot of trouble It's very hard to concentrate with that panicky tone in your voicet Ifs not a tone fm parnicking! I cart do thist Vanessa pul yourself together You have to snap out of it You snap out of it You snap out of it- You snap out of i-You snap out of i-You snap out of it-You snap out of it-You snap out of i-You snap out of i-Hold it-Wy? Oome on its my tum How is the plane flying?i dot know Hello? Benson got any flowers for a happy occasion in there? The Pollen Jocks! They do get behind a fellow-Biack and yelow-Hello All right lets drop this tin can on the blacktop Where? I cartt see anything Oan you? No nothing It's all cloudy Oome on You got to think bee Bary Thinking bee Thinking bee Thinking beel Thinking beel Thinking beel Wait a minte I think fm feeling something- What?-Idot know It's etron pulling me Lke a 27-million-year-old instinet Bring the nose down Thinking beel Thinking beel Thinking beel-What in the warld is on the tarmac?-Get some lights on that Thinking beel Thinking beel Thinkding bee- Vanessa aim for the flower-OK Out the engines We're going in on bee power Ready boys? Affimativel Good Good Easy now Thats it Land on that flowert Ready? Full reversel Spin it around- Not that flowert The other onet-Which ane?- That fower Im aiming at the flowert That's a fat guy in a flowered shirt I mean the giant pufsating flower made of milions of bees! Pul forward Nose down Tail up Rotate around it This is insane Baryl- This's the only way I know how to fly Amt koo-koo-kachoo or is this plane flying in an insect-like pattem? Get your nose in there Dort ber afraid Smell it Full reversel Just drop it Be a part of it Aim for the centert Now drop it in Drop it in womant Oome on already Bary we did it! You taught me how to fyt-Yes No Nigh-fivel-Right Bay it worked Did you see the giant flower? What glant flower? Where? Of course l saw the flowert That was genlus!- Thank you-Bun icd with the last golien from the last Fovsavailable anethere on Earth That means this is our last chance Were the only anes who make honey pollinate fflowers and dress lae this If were gonna survive as a species this is our moment! What do you say? Are we going to be T bees orjust Museum of Natural History keychains? Were beest Keychaint Then follow met Except Keychain Hold on Bany Here Youve eamed this Yeahl m a Pollen Jockd And its a perfect fit All I gota do are the sleeves Oh yeah That's our Bary Momt The bees are back! If anybody needs to malke a call nows the time I gota feeling well be working late tonight Here's your change Have a great aftemoont Oan lhelp whos next? Woudd you like some honey with that? It is bee-approved Dant forget these Milk cream cheese its all me And i dort see a nickel Sometimes I Just feel like a piece of meat I had no idea Bay Im sory Have you got a momenth Would you excuse me? My mosquito associate will help you Somry fm late Hes a lawyer too? I was already a blood-sucking parasite All I needed was a briefcase Have a great aftemoonl Bay ljust got this huge tulip order and I cart get them anywhere No problom Vannie Junst leave it to me Youre a lifesaver Bary Oan I help whos next? All right scramble jockst It's time to fly Thank you Bary! That bee is living my lidel Let it go Kerny When will this nightmare end-Let it all go Beautiful day to fly- Sure is Between you and me I was dying to get out of that office You have got to start thinking bee my friend- Thinking beel-Me Holdit Lets just stop for a second Hold it fm somy fm sory everyone Oan we stop here? fm not making a major ife decision during a production numbert All right Take ten everybody Wrap it up guys I had virtually no rehearsal for that Take it or leave it Meme


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