rAskReddit Posted by uNothing_here1 5 months ago What's the dumbest thing you've ever heard? A girls in math class didnt understand fractions We got down to this because the teacher Was explaining smething else pretty simple that she didnt understand So broke it down and figured out she didnt get fractions Well thats a little odd but with a minute of explanation she should get it Nope Teacher asked what is larger 12 or 131 The girl said 3 is more than 2 so 13 is arger Teacher drew two circles on the board divided one in two and the other in three parts Which is bigger? Girl gave the same answer Teacher erazed both circles grabbed two pieces of paper ripped one in halt one in thirds Held up a piece of both Which one is larger?r Girl pointed out the 13 piece Forget that there are more piece and he binned the rest holding up the initial two pieces again Just look at the size Which one is larger? Girl pointed out the smaller one again Defeated teacher lowered his arms and walked back to his desk Please take no offense in this but are you familiar with the words and concepts of smaller and larger He asked as this class turned more sesamestreety by the second The girl said she did Teacher pointed outside See those trees? Which is larger right or left Left girl said and she was right The left tree was about 5 metres taller Then which piece of paper is largerr Holding them up again Girl pointed out the smaller piece and the teacher walked out of the classroom Girl doesn't understand size difference Meme










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