qualitees qualitees foreversaba emilytoincreasethered radiant-mercy radiant-mercy 221b1tch the-magicalpotato randomdisguise2 ozbert-mcdeadinside we-generouslybeautifulstudent sheshiresat narratorquestionmark amberisobsessed there-is-purpose-to-be 2d-shitposts captainilikeboysandgirlswow consensualclowns silverinkwings qualitees Sexuali-tees presents the Pride Flag Collection whatever you identify yourself as show off and be proud of who you are! Get your tee here! 10% off for all of Pride Month! I want one or maybe two is this a bi joke Probably they wanted to run it bi you I would definitely bi one of these Lesbiaonest I cant get bi with a bi joke cause I’m a lesbian These puns are pretty ace I should have gay-ve one to my friend for their bi-rthday I need to perform several trans-actions with whatever company makes these I’m seeing how this pan-s out They have a shirt that says “I’m ????” And I know it means questioning but that’s the biggest mood This is pretty awesome to BI honest This keeps popping up in my dash and it’s different everytime I don’t know if I can let this go bi any longer THEYRE SIZE INCLUSIVE I CLICKED ON THE LINK EXPECTING IT TO GO UP TO A LARGE AND BE DISAPPOINTED BUT THEYRE SIZE INCLUSIVE JESUS FUCK WAIT HOW SIZE INCLUSIVE? WHAT SIZE DO THEY GO UP TO? IT GOES UP TO 4XT OH MY GOD I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW T WAS A SIZE BUT WHAT DO I KNOW IM ONLY A 2XL OMG I WENT TO LOOK NOT EXPECTING TO FIND DEMI BUT THEY HAVE A SECTION OF INSTEAD OF FLAGS THEY SAY ”IM insert sexuality here” THEY HAVE EVERY ONE!!! EVEN ONE FOR IF YOURE QUESTIONING THATS JUST ”IM???” AND AN ALLY ONE AS WELL HOLY SHIT THERES A KEYSMASH TEE THERES 2 VARIATIONS OF A TSHIRT THAT LITERALLY HAS A KEYSMASH ON IT HOLY CRAP To celebrate Pride month in June we have 20% off across the store until July if you use this link! This includes our most popular collections subletees pride flag tees and keysmash tees! Pride should be all year round so we have extended the discount for the rest of the year! Meme






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