prismatic-bell kari-izumi dancinbutterfly edenfenixblogs the-omniscient-narrator spacevinci somethingratchet sheisraging Cindy Hey… can I be a Jew? Rabbi No Cindy Can I be a Jew? Rabbi No Cindy Can I be a Jew? Rabbi You really want this? Sincerely? Not ‘cause this one’s trying to blackmail me for something stupid when I was 19 or for broccoli with your dinner? What is this for you? Cindy Honestly I think I found my people I was raised in a church where I was told to believe and pray And if I was bad I’d go to hell And if I was good I’d go to heaven And if I’d ask Jesus he’d forgive me and that was that And here y’all are sayin’ ain’t no hell Ain’t sure about heaven And if you do something wrong you got to figure it out yourself And as far as God’s concerned it’s your job to keep asking questions and to keep learning and to keep arguing It’s like a verb It’s like … you do God And that’s a lot of work but I think I’m in as least as far as I can see it I mean maybe I’ll learn more and say fuck the whole thing I mean but I wanna learn more and I think I gotta be in it to do that You know… Does that make sense? Shit did I just talk myself out of it? Rabbi Ask me again Cindy Can I be a Jew? Rabbi Yes I cried so hard during this scene First of all this is beautiful Second of all as a contextual note the rabbi said no for a reason In Jewish conversion one of the steps is that you must be discouraged at least three times This comes from the story of Ruth where Naomi told her not to follow her back to the Jewish tribe three times before giving in Third of all this is beautiful Adrienne KILLED it in those scenes I wept with her! “It’s like a verb” She wants to work on her faith continuously and that was gorgeous and so honest THIS WAS SO IMPORTANT DO U UNDERSTAND We aren’t a people who actively convert people You’ll never see a Jewish person try to convert you We believe in everyone’s right to believe what they want But it was so nice to see someone who wasn’t raised in it be able to see value in my faith I have never seen anything like that on tv before Not only that?? Its one of the only times I’ve ever seen Judaism The Faith and Religion ever actually articulated on screen What do we believe? We believe that You Choose To Do God Thats why we’re the Chosen People - because we Chose to Opt In To Doing God this particular way I have never in my life before seen any form of media EVER express what Jews ACTUALLY BELIEVE ABOUT THE UNIVERSE out loud but OITNB did And when people ask me? I always throw them here Because it’s dead on You do God Jewishly and you have to choose it That’s what we believe That’s it Thats the entire thing And this is the only time we have EVER had ANY representation and I will cherish it always And for those of you who didn’t see the show? She got to bathe in a mikvah equivalent and convert fully so yes Cindy is as Jewish as the whitest Ashkenazi Jew More because according to the sages the convert is to be praised for their choice and their dedication And as such any children she has will be Jewish too <3 Love for Cindy Love to any religious Jews out there who feel unseen in media you’re right we aren’t seen Love for any converts out there who don’t feel Jewish enough you are - no matter what branch you converted in Extra love for all my Jews of Color no addendum - just love to you all period Stay strong out there yall Write yourselves into some stories and talk about our faith okay? We deserve to be seen and known even if we aren’t converting Demystification is part of the fight against antisemitism All of this but ALSOit’s so rare to see black people get to be any other religion of Baptist Christian Or to even talk about that not all of us believe in God in the way we’re been taught Most of what I’ve learned about Judaism I learned through the Jewish bloggers I’ve found here like @prismatic-bell @realsadjewishhours and @wetwareproblem among others but even as an agnostic black woman I was just as happy to see Cindy find her own way and even happier to hear that they actually did right with the conversion process this time And @dancinbutterfly’s last line is why when my rabbi said I should go to rabbinic school I said…noRabbi means teacher and there are a ton of good Jewish teachers of Jews out there But there aren’t so many Jewish teachers of gentiles It’s why I work at cons under the name Oy Vay Productions I am like you except where I’m not and where I’m not should not have to be frightening or mysterious to you And then when someone is all “well the Jews are a bunch of wealthy lizards” you can remember me think of me teaching you not just about anime but about the fact that Jews are just people out here doing how we do and instead of “that seems possibly incorrect but I don’t know enough about Jews to dispute it” you can say “that is not true I have met and been befriended by a Jew shared a meal and a class talked and I know better”I do my teaching by being a loud and proud Jew who is out here doing G-d an living my life There are plenty of rabbis with skills I could only dream of having But what I do is just as important to protecting and preserving Am Yisrael Meme











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