posts sorted by top inks from past 24 hours Avenatti says FBI has not yet contacted Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick as GOP questions her credibility 5067 points 284 comments submitted 9 hours ago by narbz New York to ripolitics CO httpswwwusatodaycomstorynewspolítics201 81001brett-kavanaugh-fbi-investigation1485310002 Julie Swetnick speaks about alleged behavior by Judge Kavanaugh 267 comments submitted 1 hour ago by joshing_slocum+1 Oregon to rpolitics httpswwwmsnbccommsnbcwatchjulie-swetnick-speaks-about-allegedーbehavior-by-judge-kavanaugh-1334265923929?v=raila& Alan Dershowitz FBI should thoroughly' investigate Julie Swetnick affidavit question alleged witnesses 552 points 47 comments submitted 23 hours ago by ChupaMeJerkwad to rpolitics Co httpswwwwashingtonexaminercomnewsalan-dershowitz-fbi-should-thoroughly-investigate-julie-swetnick-affidavit-question-alleged-witnesses McConnell attacks credibility of Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick 198 points 45 comments submitted 12 hours ago by PoliticalScienceGrad to rpolitics co httpswwwcnncom20180930políticsmcconnell-julie-swetnick-defamation-suitindexhtml Julie Swetnick Grilled About Kavanaugh 'Gang Rape' in MSNBC Interview 21 comments submitted 1 hour ago by slakmehl-1 Georgia to rpolitics Co httpswwwthedailybeastcomjulie-swetnick-grilled-about-kavanaugh-gang-rape-in-msnbc-interview?via-twitter_page White House gives FBI freer rein in Kavanaugh investigation 47 points -7 comments submitted 3 hours ago by WoRanger14 to ripolitics co httpsllapnewscomcf5fc72491eb41bfbee33f43a9b1262b NBC News Sits Down With Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick But Can't Verify Claims O points 104 comments submitted 3 hours ago by joshing_slocumOregon to rpolitics Co httpswwwhollywoodreportercomnewsnbc-news-sits-down-kavanaugh-accuser-julie-swetnick-but-cant-verify-claims-1148414 Michael Avenatti Is Doing His Best to Make All This About Michael Avenatt O points 38 comments submitted 6 hours ago by Special Agent_FolesMassachusetts to ripolitics httpsslatecomnews-and-politics201810michael-avenatti-Julie-swetnick-self-promotionhtml?via-recirc-recent 3rd Brett Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick has history of legal disputes 0 points 36 comments submitted 13 hours ago by Bert-Goldberg 042·New York to rpolitics Co httpswwwcbsnewscomnews3rd-brett-kavanaugh-accuser-julie-swetnick-has-history-of-legal-disputes Julie Swetnick contradicts sworn statement? Now she isn't sure if Brett Kavanaugh spiked punch at house parties 52 comments submitted 54 minutes ago by StickyCertification to rpolitics co httpswwwwashingtonexaminercomnewsjulie-swetnick-contradicts-sworn-statement-now-she-isnt-sure-if-brett-kavanaugh-spiked-punch-at-house-parties Womp Womp Meme


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