PLETT PUT HERE ME Brae Carnes added a new photo Reynolds Secondary School February 27 at 439pm Profile Share 1 2 PLETI PUT ME HERE CarolineTG Follow @CarolineMiriel #PlettPutMeHere by removing protections for trans people in bathrooms #C279 #GirlsLikeUs 535 PM -7 Mar 2015 29 RETWEETS 20 FAVORITES Do I look like I belong in women's facilities? Republicans are passed that would put me there based on my gender at birth Trans people aren't going into the bathroom to spy on you or otherwise cause you harm #wejustneedtopee Trans lives matter! trying to get legislation _michaelhughes1 Michael C Hughes Follow @_michaelhughes1 #transawareness #occupotty #translivesmatter #wejustneedtopee 1007 AM 11 Mar 2015 t 1304 RETWEETS 1084 FAVORITES embarrassing Follow @trans_princess Because obviously someone who looks like this belongs in the men's restroom #wejustneedtopee #TransLives Matter 857 PM - 11 Mar 2015 t 31 RETWEETS 62 FAVORITES nonsense-choir tem-pissed-in-a-t-pot lokisnurse gaywrites The Canadian Senate has passed an amendment to a transgender rights bill that would ban trans people from using the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity Now trans people in Canada and their trans supporters in the United States are sharing photos on Twitter and Facebook of themselves in public bathrooms they would be legally obligated to use under Senator Donald Plett’s bill Check the hashtags #PlettPutMeHere and #WeJustNeedToPee for a dynamite collection of trans folks showing why these laws are absurd Badass via BuzzFeed I have a right not to see a penis in the ladies room Men have a right not to see a lack of a penis in a men’s room I have a right to my opinion It doesn’t make me a homophobe It does not make me intolerant It does not make me a bad person Your gender issues are not my issues Maybe we as a society need a third option If you’re seeing a penis in the women’s room sorry to break it to you buddy but you’re the one being gross and peeping in on other women Trans people just want to fucking pee The fact that you’re so concerned about our genitals that you’d spy on us in the loo makes YOU the creep not us Grow the fuck up Trans folk use their correct bathrooms all the time and no one ever notices If you’re out there looking to spy on a stranger’s genitals to see if they “belong” there you’re sexually harassing another person and YOU should be banned from the restroom not them Meme











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