pinky–heart lacinari himynameisizzy ressila z-yess ireallyenjoymyselfeveryday grunge-aesthetic-lover Over 75% of people lie on social media ‼️ The truth is that people tend to lie on social networks How? First people directly lie about their lives which is often an effort to make themselves look more desirable or positive In a study examining 80 online daters Hancock Toma and Ellison found that two thirds of participants lied about their weight by five pounds or more In a large sample of over 2000 people in England conducted by Custardcom 43 percent of men admitted to making up facts about themselves and their lives that were not true online Even more commonly people “lie” by presenting an image of themselves and their lives that is imprecise or less than comprehensive leading the viewer to believe falsehoods For example in the Custardcom study only 18 percent of men and 19 percent of women reported that their Facebook page displayed “a completely accurate reflection” of who they are Most commonly participants said that they only shared “non-boring” aspects of their lives 32 percent and were not as “active” as their social media accounts appeared 14 percent Indeed a growing body of research suggests that social media use can negatively affect your psychological health particularly if you compare yourself to the positive images you see online In a study of 339 college women Puglia 2017 the tendency to compare oneself to others was associated with poorer body esteem Furthermore in a sub-sample of 58 women in the Puglia study those with higher levels of Facebook usage displayed lower body satisfaction than those with lower Facebook usage Similarly in an experimental study by Vogel and colleagues participants who tended to compare themselves to others more regularly had lower self-esteem more negative emotions and a poorer view of themselves after using Facebook than participants who did not tend to compare themselves to others Consequently when engaging with social media it is critical to remind yourself that what you see is not an accurate picture of reality Don’t compare yourself to the images of friends colleagues or celebrities Remind yourself that it is just a snapshot of their life—and one that they want you to see –> YOU CAN GET SOCIAL MEDIA SERIOUSLY HARMS YOUR MENTAL HEALTH PHONE CASE HERE <– Every purchase supports The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention the nation’s largest non-profit dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide Fake life for “like’s” of people which you will not meet = And this is our future? Thank’s but I don’t want to be a part of this madness Who’s with me? My brother never had a social media account ever in his life not Facebook or Instagram and he is only 23 years old his life is worry free and he only does things for himself not to impress others He is living a happy life I am working on being like him I really love this message It’s proven that social media increases depression and loneliness Just live your life and stop worrying about others to compare yourself you will never be happy this way I really don’t get why people feel the need to lie about their lives to people they’ll never meet Just be fuckin honest🙄 So I’ve been wanting this case for a week and I get to show off my new white xr while also sharing an important message about social media being harmful to your mental health I like this case a lot and more people need to realize the harm of social media Question Does Social Media Seriously Harms Your Mental Health?Answer Yesssss!! I could go on and on about thisSocial media as a whole particularly Instagram a place where people Look extremely High Fashioned but really Under PaidWhere self-worthy is based on how many likes views and comments our posts gets It’s BS if you ask me Seen friends who care more bout portraying an image and worry more about Trivial things there’s more to life🤷🏻‍♂️ As soon as you open your social medias you will see something that will makes you think you’re being left behind Being materialistic stuff or body image anything reallySociety teaches us that if our instagram posts don’t have a certain number of likes or views our posts are not accepted of instagram quality posting given by society’s expectations and standardsOn the flip side on the coin social media is a really funny ass place like you could LMAO day literallyPOINT IS YOU DONT NEED SOCIAL APPROVAL TO KNOW YOUR SELF WORTH YOU ARE LEGIT AWESOME! *USE SOCIAL MEDIA WISELY* Meme











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