Pick a number any number 1 Name 17 Favorite color 33-Miss anyone 2- Height 18 Shoe size 34 Hair color 3-Weight 35 Relationship status 4 Age 20 Sing in the shower? 5- Birthday 21 One wish 37 Last song you heard 38 Biggest fear 23- Country I live in 39 Favorite animal? 8-Crush 24 Pets 40 Something you hate 9-Ever fall in love 25 Plan on getting married 10 Favorite food 26 Favorite subject 11- Last text 27- First kiss 12 normal bedtime 28 Insecure 44 Jealous of 13 Battery percentage 45-Wearing right now 14 Eye color 30 Ever self harmed 46-Zodiac sign 15-Addiction 31 - Hairstyle 47-Middle name 16-Favorite song 32- Who you love 48-Worst habit 49 Number of siblings 50 NameS of siblingS 66-Something that's constantly on my mind 51 Sports I play 67-Something I fantasize about 81 Favorite comic 82-A nhrase l'll never forget 53-Hobbies 84- Mental problems 54- Talents 85- Been depressed 71-How I'm doing 55 Embarrassing moment 26-If we were alone in a room SFW 72-Wear to bed 56 Future career choice 73-One thing I've lied about 57 Relationship with parents 88-Cried myself to sleep 74-One thing I worry about 58-Are you a virgin? 89-Cant say no send me a pic of my request 90-Want a boyfriendgirlfriend 91-Body like? 77-What I did yesterday Do I drinksmoke 61 92-Your body type? 78-What I find attractive in other people 62 Number of kids I want 79-Something I really really want 95-Anything unlisted 64 My idea of a perfect date Im bored 13 Female Meme

Being alone










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