phuiscribbles When the heart of the card responds to your trust just right #does this make kaiba kuzco #is kaiba gonna build kaibaland on top of Yugi’s gameshop #can we turn kaiba into a llama #does kaiba dress in drag?? i hate you all “You threw off my groove!” “I’m sorry but you’ve thrown off the CEO’s groove” #omg would Marik’s shoulder devil be Yami Marik? “Don’t listen to that guy He’s trying to lead you down the path of righteousness” “I’m gonna lead you down the path that rocks!” #Rebecca should be the wife #Ok Ok but Kuriboh would totally be the little squirrel >w> “Kurikurikuri??” “No nonONONONONONO-” “KURIK URIRIRHR!?” #The Big 5 turning into animals “Get them!” “Hey I’ve been turned into a penguin Can I go home?” “You’re excused” “For the last time we did not order a Magic Cylinder!” “You know pal you could have told me that before I set it up” #would baby kaiba have blue eyes white dragon plushies? i hate all 126000 of you “Hey Yugi you just missed your relatives” “Yeah we just sent them up to your house” #Kaiba lines up all the yugioh spinoff protags in a line looking for a rival “Hate your hair Your hair And your hair Annnnd…” “Lemme guess you have a great personality” #And instead of a sewer crocodile it’s some sewer dragon thinglol… #The dagger on Bakura’s leg is the Millennium Rod “Then I bet you weren’t expecting THIS” SCREAMS OF HORROR “AHA!” “Oh okay” #So when Kuzco gets turned into other animals does Kaiba get turned into other monster cards like UFO turtle and Fortress Whale since the big 5 got turned into cards? “Don’t you say a word…” #Yami Bakura being sung Happy Birthday? “ONE TWO THREE FOUR~” “Happy happy birthday!”“From all of us to you!”“We wish it was our birthday!”“So we could party too!” “Happy happy birthday!”“May all your dreams come true~” “Uh-oh” “Don’t tell me We’re about to go over a waterfall” “Yep” “Dark hole at the bottom?” “Most likely” “Bring it on” *If you like these crossover redraws consider supporting me on Patreon or buying me a coffee? Meme





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