phantomemes starters prompts taken from f d soul’s work between you and these bones feel free to change pronouns tenses as necessary ‘ the problem is you keep trying to use your eyes ’ ‘ how i soften when you pull me against you ’ ‘ you are teaching me to love ’ ‘ i will pretend that i have not already heard the question in your eyes ’ ‘ you perhaps will become my swan song ’ ‘ it is a very human thing to love ’ ‘ you are my good days ’ ‘ i have been loved dearly ’ ‘ i promise you will not always be this war ’ ‘ thank god for the stubbornness of organs ’ ‘ it takes me seven days to stop being in love with you ’ ‘ there will always be another day ’ ‘ there will always be another mercy ’ ‘ perhaps i will take up dancing again ’ ‘ what a pretty little disaster you will be ’ ‘ i am terrified for you ’ ‘ i will fold inside of myself ’ ‘ today i am thankful ’ ‘ i didn’t want to sleep because i didn’t want to wake ’ ‘ come and get me ’ ‘ i tell myself i do not need you ’ ‘ i think i broke again last night ’ ‘ i’m just trying to connect with you ’ ‘ you are an ocean that will perhaps never stop crashing ’ ‘ burn the house down in search of yourself ’ ‘ don’t you dare ever stop looking ’ ‘ i struggle not to feel guilty ’ ‘ you are a wild unkempt thing ’ ‘ sometimes it is a very sad thing to be human and longing ’ ‘ find that you are made of russian nesting dolls ’ ‘ the trees are always kindest with spring comes ’ ‘ teach yourself the hymns again ’ ‘ he is every amen i have ever laid down on lips ’ ‘ this life is an altar ’ ‘ i am sorry i do not have more time ’ ‘ there is a mountain in me ’ ‘ by the morning i am a triumph ’ ‘ there are words playing hooky in the back of your throat ’ ‘ today is by far the most beautiful creature i have ever come across ’ ‘ there are many things that will fit beneath your skin ’ ‘ forgiveness does not take up much room ’ ‘ some days you will breathe and it will be enough ’ ‘ you do not have to hold it quite so tightly ’ ‘ there is a prayer in me still ’ ‘ you scare me a little ’ ‘ you can be a good thing and not a whole thing ’ ‘ there are flowers in my chest again ’ ‘ the rain comes and sounds like you ’ ‘ i cannot tell you why i still trust god ’ ‘ find peace and build a home out of it ’ ‘ there is never an end ’ Meme











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