pervocracy child handling for the childless urse My current job has me working with children which is kind of a weird shock after years in environments where a young patient is 40 years old Here's my impressions so far Birth 1 year Essentially a smail cute animal Handle accordingly gently and affectionately but relying heavily on the caregivers and with no real expectation of cooperation Age 1-2 Hates you Hates you so much You can smile you can coo you can attempt to soothe they hate you anyway because you're a stranger and you're scary and you're touching them There's no winning this so just get it over with as quickly and non-traumatically as possible Age 3-5 Nervous around medical things but possible to soothe Easily upset but also easily distracted from the thing that upset them Smartphone cartoons and who wants a stickerrl1?1? are key management techniques Age 6 10 Really cool actually I did not realize kids were this cool Around this age they tend to be fairly outgoing and super curious and eager to learn Absolutely do not babytalk instead flatter them with how grown-up they are teach them some Fun Gross Medical Facts and introduce potentially frightening experiences with hey you want to see something really cool? Age 11 14 Extremely variable Can be very childish or very mature or rapidly switch from one mode to the other At this point you can almost treat them as an adult just a really sensitive and unpredictable adult Do not under any circumstances offer stickers But they might grab one out of the bin anyway Age 15-18 Basically an adult with severely limited life experience Treat as an adult who needs a littie extra education with their care Keep parents out of the room as much as possible unless the kid wants them there At this point you can go ahead and offer stickers again because they'll probably think it's funny And they'll want one Deep down everyone wants a sticker nurse unlocks secret to raising kids Meme











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