@PENCILEDCELEBRITIES OPENCILEDCELEBRITIES @PENCILEDCELEBRITIES IF YOU TELL ANYON RAY dykedottir layingdownsomebatfeets cumbler-tumbler layingdownsomebatfeets cumbler-tumbler alwaysbewoke jesussaysno I don’t get the man one ? the entire series is focused on stopping all abuse the man here has his mouth covered up by a woman wearing a wedding ring meaning he is being abused by his wife of the men i’ve known and spoken to about being abused by their wives one of the common ways wives will try to “make up” for the abuse is literally with money fucking crazy sad shit but women who abuse their men bf or husband also believe us to be super materialistic and so they can just buy us i could go on but i don’t want to it’s too fucking gross this is clearly pedophila in the catholic church a profoundly evil act that is is primarily aimed at little boys this is child molestation in the black community that tarted little black girls overwhelmingly usually by a family member and usually a male family member with candy being used to buy their silence and this is an abused wife the hand is male wearing a wedding ring similar to the wife abusing the husband an attempt to buy silence happens with flowers candy and jewelry being the common gifts i respect that this artist a woman i believe covered such a wild range of abuse even the ones we don’t talk about I think that’s a dripping anatomical heart in the flower too Still don’t get the man one tbh Is there an epidemic of rich women beating their husbands? I honestly don’t know I am not familiar with the phenomenon but knowing that male-on-female domestic violence vastly outweighs the reverse I had to assume that it was included because otherwise she would have caught hell for it I mean apparently it does happen so… Male violence against women and children is at actual epidemic levels I know a few men who have suffered violence at the hands of female partners and it’s awful and unacceptable But they were also all in a position to 1 leave and easily survive andor 2 if they hit back would very much be able to stop the attack As in if they hit back the woman would be ko’d I’m not saying female on male violence is ok I’m saying it isn’t a ‘thing’ in the way the others are Agreed Men have the means to leave abusive relationships much quicker than most abused women do if ever Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck youFuck you fuck you fuck you fuck youFuck you fuck you fuck you fuck youFuck you fuck you fuck you fuck youFuck you fuck you fuck you fuck youFuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you Meme











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