peculiarities-starryeyed-oddity official-lucifers-child totallysilvergirl aroace-get-out-of-my-face my-analogical-romance booknerd-23 stars-and-rose rincentvanuggh kimburtrach raging-dumpster-fire-of-the-soul katie-the-noble-fangirl noctisvale celticwarriormoon luna-hyakuya the-little-ladybug-that-could dappyhappy JUST LET ME BE Reblog if you are an asexual positive blog believe asexuals exist and are willing and able to create a safe space for your asexual friends As an Asexual myself YES As someone who is now 99% sure they might be ace… YES THIS BOTH SIDES NEED TO SEE THIS As an asexual I deal with this a lot and it’s not okay As an asexual REBLOG YOU COWARDS ASEXUALS ARE REAL AND 1000% VALID AND FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE WHO THINKS THEY AREN’T MY BEST FRIEND IS ACE SHE DEALS WITH THIS SHIT A LOT AND IT’S NOT OK! Be happy!! There are people who support you too!!!! !!!! As someone on the acearo spectrum aces are 100% valid Anyone who thinks otherwise can fuck off Another one is doctors and therapists telling you you need psychosexual therapy to “cure” your lack of sexual attraction If you have ever experienced this no you dont need curing Yyyyyyyeeeeeesssss Should go without saying i am definitely everyone in that second comic aces are valid aces are real aces are NOT broken aces are amazing and always welcome and safe on my blog Meme

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