Paper I have to read 2 New Ways of Thinking Among living systems there are many examples of decentraized phenomena As ants forage for food for example their trail patterns are determined not by the dictates of the queen ant but by local nteractions among thousands of worker ants In the immune system armies of antibodies seek out bacteria in a systematic coordinated attack--without any generals organizing the battle plan The antibodies are organized without an organizer coordnated without a coorcinator But seeng the world in terms of decentraized interactiors is a dfficult shift for many people It requires a furdarrental shift in perspective a new way of looking at the workd At some deep level people have strong attachments to centralzed ways of thinking When people see patterns in the world ike a flack of birds they often assume that there is some type of centralized control a leader of the flock And in constructing artificial systems people often impose centraized control where none is needed for example using top-down hierarchical programming structures to control a robot's behavior Accordng to this way of thinking a pattern can exist only if someone or something creates and orchestrates the pattern Everything must have a single cause an utimate controling factor The continuing resistance to evolutionary theories is an example Many people stil insist that someone or something must have explicity designed the complex orderly structures that we call Life As Wiliam Paley argued nearty two centuries ago Paley 1802 If you found a watch on the ground you would assume that it must have had a maker so must not the same be true of lving systems which are incredbly more compiex? My ADD ass iM inSpIrEd NoW I have to make art for the world! presses kaleidoscope Meme










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