ORD OF THE RINGS RANDOM FACTS thar eveRy Fan should kou AKT 2 The hobbits are actually a sub-group of men They appeared in the First Age and lived by the river pawing unnoticed by other races until the Third Age when they settled in The Shire with the penmission of th Kng of Arthedain a kingdom of men in the north The ifespan of a hobbit is longerthan that of regular The oldest known was the Old Took who reached 1yo years Bilbo ouelived the Old Took by the time of his departure to the Undying Lands he was 13a years old Hebbits have an innate ablity to theow stones with a very accurate aiming You can see in the movies how this s depicted an Merry and Pippin throw stones at the ores n The Felowship of the Ring and in The Two Towersy and Bibe does so in Hobbit trilogy to be as beautiful as the fairest maid to ever wak the world Lothien and shares many similitudes with her The biggest one is the fact that both were immortal maids that fel in love with amortal man choosing death in oeder to be with them Arwen Elrond has Elrohir They used to ride with the Rangers of the North and deeply hated the orcs as their mother Celebrian was ambushed and tormented by them damaging her Earth forever No partofthe books ever mentiens Legolas's hair celoue It could be assumed that he is likely to be blonde due to his father's golden hair but chances are that he could be dark haired as some ilustrations depict him The reason for Boromir's presence in Rivendell is that his brother Faramis had a recurrent dream that little after Beromir dreamt toe so he was seeking the advice o Elrond In the dream a veice said some kind ef profecy which basicaly meant that they should look for Aragan in Rivendell the One Ring was about to waken and the war for Middle Earth was about te begin Gollum story has some pretty dark and grim parts It among the blood-drinking ghost that crept into the holes to find the young and slipped through windows to find cradles suggesting that Gelum ate human children and babies when be could find them When the Felowship is about to leave Lethorien Galadriel orders Gimli to ask for a gift this can be seen n the extended edition of the movie He anks fora single strand of Galadriel's hai she then proceeds to cut three of them and gives them te GimE What bringsa deep and signficant meaning to this gift is the fact that she wn asked for the same thrice by the most badass of all the elves that ever lved Feanor but she always Many think that al the good guys in The Lord of the ings are white-skinned and beautiful and all the bad and ugy That's not true There was a tribe of men caled the Druedain that lived within the berders of oGondor These were short dark skinned andr in tho eyes ofelves other men ugly Yet they were mever corrupted by evil hated the orcs and his actionswere key in the outcome of the Battle of the Pelennos as they aided the Rohirrim to arrive on time through the woods Char's all FoR nouu Chank you FOR youR atcencion Sorry just ran out of potatoes Here's a jicama for the long post LOTR Random Facts #2 Meme











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