ooo T-Mobile 936 PM 43% D lean andcuisine 5233 likes a leanandcuisine The thing about having a girlfriend is that at night time you either got to a be talking to her or b sleep You can't ever not want to talk to her my nigga You can ignore her call and pretend you sleep but that's still bad cause now you can't tweet or get on social networks when yo timeline Poppin cause if she catch your ass then your ass is grass my nigga My girl call me every motherfuxkin night nigga it never fails and I tell her I'm tired and that I'm sleepin early tonight and she say ok but really a nigga wanted to play halo in peace like a real nigga should be able to do I get halo and my nigga Trey on Trey is my girl little brother that nigga cool as shit but a ooo T-Mobile 936 PM 43% 4h leanandcuisine ne a aumpass ne Was like yean my sister think you sleep so don't tweet or nothing cause then she'll know and I Was like Ok cool l start doing deathmatches with Trey and we was bussin ass on god we couldn't be stopped So I'm turning up like shit yelling into my game mic and this dickhead trey forgot to take his mic off speaker so when I was talking my voice was coming through his TV and my girl heard it I just hear a nigga getting his ass slapped up with the strength of God through my mic and I think my homie trey getting robbed next thing you know I hear my girl through my mic wept right into my Xbox controller and a nigga ran up on me in halo and slapboxed the shit out my nigga for the win I turned my Xbox off turned off all my lights in my room and hopped in bed under the covers and just cried myself to sleep she brought out the bitch in me see this nigga trey at school the next day and this nigga face look like niggas slapped his ass with all English textbooks and sock em boppers face was swole like Dwayne Johnson l teared up for my nigga and knew my destiny was coming go to class and try to hug my girl and she punch me dead in the dick m a This story has me fucking DYING πŸ˜‚ httpstcoh0HbQvah7O Meme



Dwayne Johnson








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