Only start creating a lore after you already finished half of the series and keep adding stuff a decade after finishing it Steal 90% of your deep lore from real life history and other authors to fill out your world map Create an entire universe with a bloody theological history with hundreds of characters and dozens of devastating wars then write a childrens book in it aethelflaedladyofmercia Ok like I think people are forgetting something very important about JKRNamely she did not make up this stuff after the fact Back in the day JKR was extremely open about the fact that there was tons of lore behind the scenes she could not address in the books She couldn’t address it btw because it was a known fact in the publishing industry that young adult novels had to top out at like 250 maybe 300 pages because kids didn’t have the attention span for anything longer And early HP was middle grade which is the next age category down She was only able to start addressing deeper lore halfway through the series because that’s how long it took to convince her publishers it wouldn’t scare readers awayI distinctly remember another long-established children’s fantasy author dedicating a book to JKR because the success of HP was the reason said author was able to negotiate an extra 100 pages into that novelIn the mean time she was in a ton of interviews She was absolutely the most open author about her worldbuilding If a fan asked her a question and the answer wasn’t a spoiler she answered it every time JKR was famous for this She was worshipped for it practically I remember on the early internet boards when one fan had the chance to meet her in a Q&A we would all pile together and come up with as many questions as possible Ask what year Beauxbatons was founded Ask who the ghost of Hufflepuff is Ask McGonagall’s age Ask Lily’s maiden name Were all the Marauders in Gryffindor? Which of Gilderoy Lockheart’s stories were stolen and which were flat out made up?We collected these interviews we held them as canon we altered our fanfic to accommodate what she revealed And then all of a sudden that wasn’t what the fans wanted any more When she finished HP she said she was done that she’d move on to other projects No one wanted any of her non-HP stuff No one cared So she came back to build the Fantastic Beasts verse with exactly the same policy about answering fans that we had welcomed back in the early 2000sSo like you don’t have to enjoy what she’s doing The fan community has changed and that’s fine But JKR contributed a lot to the children’s fantasy genre and to the way fandom operated and we should at least acknowledge that Meme











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