OMG LOOKIT HIS LITTLE EAR STICKING UP I CANT @DrSmashlove Say Bruh shout to you thick girls walking down the street coming back from the gym I see y'all Brow damp with sweat Yoga pants stuck to them panties stuck to your booty from dumping buckets of sweat Lil sweat spots on the booty and Punani area Glasses sliding down your nose because of the sweat Shirt soaked like you dipped it straight into a bucket of water and immediately put it on sopping wet Stankin like a motherfvcker in the most heavenly way possible 😍 Walking slow because your legs feel like Jell-O I see y'all And u debating Is this worth it? When am I gonna get skinny? How many of these workouts do I need to do before I look like them women in the Instagram bikini ads? Why hasn't it happened yet? Why I still got these big ass thighs and hips with the lil dimples under the booty cheeks? Ladies I'm here to assure you that your work has already paid off As far as I'm concerned your goal has already been achieved This is a marathon not a race You're not going to be skinny tomorrow You may never be skinny And what's even more thank God for that! God created us in different shapes and not as clones You are hitting the gym so you are already healthier Your heart is already stronger Your lungs are already more efficient You can exert yourself more than you ever could or year ago You feel me? You won baby girl You did it Everything from here on out is just gravy And by the way don't be so goddamn anxious to get skinny! It's men out here who actually like you exactly as you are and are gonna be sad AF when the thunder thighs go away! I want you to be the best you that you can be but never lose sight of the fact that you were never not beautiful You get me? Bless the fuck up πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme











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