omegle Talk to strangers You're chatting with a random stranger on Omegle! You both like Memes You Hi Stranger Hey You Hiya Stranger *Karate kicks* Hiya You Ouch wtf man that hurt Stranger Yeah now give me my chicken tendies!! You No! My chicken tendies *stuffs mouth with chicken tendies* Stranger Mommy he stole my tendies!!! Stranger I'll buy them from you with my good boi points You Ooh You How about You This You If you solve my testu can keep them Stranger Deal mommy always says I'm specia in the head You Okay You 69 ? Stranger Nice You Minecraft? Stranger Good You Fortnite? Stranger Bad You Elon musk? Stranger Is jesus You Who calls you breathtaking? Stranger Keanu Reeves You How many upvotes will this get? Stranger 7 You Are you kust gonna scroll past without saying Unrelated thing Stranger Loads LMG with religious intent* intent* Stranger My spelling are shows you how serious I was You I have_ friends Stranger My mommy says not to lie so you shouln't either You Youtube ads are? Stranger Fucking bullshit You Reddit is? Stranger The best You the logo of the subreddit rmemes is? Stranger Butter Stranger Butter Stranger If it hasn't changed You Mods are Stranger More gay than James Charles You Huzzah! A man of culture! You passed with more flying colours than a mod orgy!! Here are your chicken tendies Stranger Tendy Time!!! You You also win the rights to post this on reddi to get your 7 upvotes You Unless its your cake day You Then u get 13 upvotes Stranger Thank you I hope we meet again someday Until then live a great life Stranger has disconnected Chicken Tendies by _Bond_1 MORE MEMES Meme











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