omegle Talk to strangers You're chatting with a random stranger on Omegle! You both like Love You Hey Stranger hi You What is the meaning of love to you? Stranger honestly idk You Me too Stranger do you believe in no one can love you until you learn to love yourself? You Well I have seen people who don't love themselves but people still like them and they have relationships You The relationships aren't healthy by the way Stranger they aren't? You Nope Stranger how? You Can't think that now sorry Stranger no problem You Ever been in a relationship? Stranger No You Oh Stranger have you? You Yeah once Stranger i asked bc my confidence is really bac and i dont wanna be alone for the rest of my life You Oh i get it There was a time when I was pretty pathetic too Stranger wai m or f? You I'm male Stranger ok You To be honest a 17 year old kid Stranger I'm 17 too You Great You I got myself together but I still duffer from loneliness You Suffer* Stranger I hate it I hate myself idk what to You Is it because of bad confidence? Stranger and at the same time one of my biggest fears is to be alone Stranger yeah I guess I dont think I'm beautiful enough smart enough funny enough and I'm shy and suffer from some kind of social anxiety You Hey I think you won't believe it but I also suffered from the same problems You People who consider themselves not beautiful enough are actually beautiful this happens especially in girls Stranger really? You Yes I was a shy kid for the most part of my life I'm still pressured by family to get smart Although people usually think of me as a smart guy I still abstain away from social situations kinda anti social maybe Stranger oh okay Stranger I'm so so afraid of ending up alone Stranger no one wants a broken girl You That relationship I was talking about I was cheated by that girl Stranger I'm so sorry You There are a lot of broken intelligent guys out there You Who need someone to support them listen to them Stranger I just want someone to be head over heels in love with me Stranger Ilike come on I'm 17 and I have never kissed someone You It may sound funny to you but from where come from we only get to kiss our bride Stranger really? Stranger I'm like to only one of my friends that haven't done it You Yeah What is the time at your place? Stranger 9pm You Its lam here Stranger right You Do you think that people don't understand you? Stranger sometimes You How do you feel then? Stranger lonely Stranger and I hate to be alone You Yeah I can't sleep at night sometimes because of lonliness I cry often because there's no one to talk too I have friends but I look for someone special Stranger me too You Is it your first time here? On Omegle? Stranger No Stranger yours? You My first time and you are my first chat mate actually Stranger really?? You Yes Stranger I'm honoured! You Thanks You Actually knocked all of my friends on FaceBook before coming here no one replied Stranger hahahah I feel you Stranger it happens sometimes You Are you into books? Stranger sometimes I used to be Stranger maybe they got my expectations on love waaaaay to high You Same thing with one of my cousin Stranger has disconnected Hey 9PM girl are you out there? This was my first time on Omegle I sometimes suffer from Insomnia and today I decided to go on the site She was my first chat mate Meme

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