oh my god Dr Smashlove So my lil homegirl text me smash am I weird that I can really only cum from oral? I was with a guy and I couldn't cum from penetration and he was frustrated and said 'well there's a first time for everything' OK it's four type of women out here lemme splain u 1 girls who only cum from penetration This type of girl DGAF about a tongue Bruh That's the lil appetizer U feel me? The lil mini-samosas at the Indian restaurant That ain't what she here for She want u to go Floyd Fvcking Mayweather on the Punani Bruh She want the four walls of her Punani blown out and rearranged That lil tongue game don't interest her This category include freaks and ladies with daddy issues for whom pain is as important or more important than pleasure πŸ€— 2 This girl crave the soft warm wet gyrations of that tongue sending her into the stratosphere where she up in the clouds hi fiving birds And Zeus And shit Or so they tell me YungTornadoTung πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ 3 This girl just keep cumming Bruh I put my tongue on her boom I hit that deep back stroke she arching her back and shaking and talking in tongues like she done caught the Holy Spirit Two fingers under the table at a steakhouse Bruh she bussing non stop while I feed her bites of lobster mashed potatoes If u find this girl marry her Bruh u got no choice She will make u feel like MF Superman β˜„οΈ 4 This type ain't gon cum regardless I've been with this type exactly once Sadly this type will keep apologizing like I LOVED IT OMG YOU'RE AMAZING I JUST CAN'T CUM Don't fall on your sword - just make it nice for her and don't put pressure on her Now as for old boy with his there's a first time for everything lookin ass listen Mr Lookin Ass Ladies gon love what they love Who TF are u to pop off passive aggressively because she didn't massage your ego by cumming for u the way u wanted her to? Smfh Let her do her Maybe she ain't all enchanted with the PP like that like she enjoy it but she crave other tings U got a tongue bih use it Don't be snide U feel me? Take their presence as a blessing and make it special ALWAYS MAKE YOUR LOVER FEEL SPECIAL IF U DON'T SOMEONE ELSE WILL BLESS UP πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme

Bless up









oh my god

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