October 5 at 345 PM I took the two older boys to Drag Queen Story Time at the Kincardine Library this afternoon They got to listen to a few stories and not participate in a couple kids songs and dancesWe stuck around the library for another hourjust reading books and playing with LEGO and after we left Nixon noticed a sign of a protester outside there were only a few Fortunately he could only read part of it the sign said Close the book on child sexualization Once we got in the car he asked why their sign said close the book? I said it was about the story time He asked why? Me not entirely sure how to address this topic but wanting to take advantage of a teachable moment Umm well did you like the girls who were reading the stories? Nixon age 7 Yes ButI know they're actually boys dressed up like girls Me How do you know? Nix shrugging I just do I could tell Me What do you think about that? Nix shrugging again It's fine It's their bodies and their time and money to buy their own clothes so they can do whatever they want Me kinda speechless because he totally nailed it Exactly People should be free to be who they are shouldn't they? Because everyone is different Well the people outside didn't understand that They thought it wasn't appropriate for kids to see that Nixon total confusion on his face because in his mind he simply experienced two people reading stories to a room full of kids with their parents Soooo0 because of that they wasted their whole day standing outside with a sign? That makes no sense If they don't like it they just don't have to participate in it They should go do something else because it doesn't have anything to do with their lives anyway Seems like a waste of a perfectly good day to me Mic Drop Me How would you treat a boy who decided to come to school wearing a dress everyday or makeup or carrying a purse? Him another shrug Well if he was my friend already we'd probably just play like we always would anyway Baker age 5 pipes up l had a boy in my class come to school wearing a dress once! Me Oh yeah? And what did you think about that? Baker I said 'Ilike your dress' wanna know why? Because Mickey Mouse was on it I love Mickey Mouse Like Comment Share Mic Drop not satire Meme











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