o Tele2 810 pm 93% K Messages Luke Details Why are tampons so expensive I'll pay you back later just No I mean like You don't get to choose to have your period You have to have it And you have to pay so much for it Yesss I know but you don't have time for preaching right now Delivered Sorry It's really unfair IMessage 143 pm T o 93% o Tele2 K Messages Ash Details I'm here what do I get t doesn't matter just get one in like a mini-size Okay Omg there are so many Like SO MANY I know How many different versions does a woman need Every vagina is different don't discriminate Delivered I'm not it's just SO MANY Message 1048 am T 94% oooo Tele2 Messages Details Michae How many tampons do you need There's a pack with 100 tampons Will you need that many Holy shit there's packages with even more Just get a normal one with 20 or something Don't you need more There's a lot of blood I know how much blood there is I've been having my period for a while now Delivered Oh right i Message 537 pm To 91% oooo Tele2 K Messages Cal Q Details They're in the same place as the toothpastes and that stuff Right Oh Someone just looked at me funny What do I do Nothing??? Just buy the tampons and get home already He's got a real smug face what's he thinking HES THINKING THAT YOURE BUYING TAMPONS JUST BUY THEM ALREADY Delivered IO Message Guys buying their girlfriends tampons πŸ˜‚ Meme











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