NOT SAINT WE ADDED brol ENGLISH NT WHORES So You WOULDNT WOMEN GET SCARED My favorite photo in 2017 at Women's March You love it when without a pen I write like this words flow like rivers grow when glaciers cease to exist Let's go all the way back to the source which starts with stars & her eggs of course Many men are confused & feel inferior Infinitely shallow so stunned by exterior Don't care for her mind but stuck on the rear of her Try to get deep in her but never show depth near to her It's plain you never spoke to her brain trying to tame her body using shame left you insane He called her slut Whore & sket yet she was openly poetry she was growing & yet he was still alphabet She wanted to lead you to a higher level but you weren't ready for God so you became a devil you tried to make her your wife just to devalue her life & when she ascended from hell you called her a rebel This is the story of many beautiful Queens broken Kings cheat wedding rings keep incomplete dysfunctional dreams His mistake was never listening he saw her aura glistening thought of marriage & him christening their newborn from her womb within but she wanted more than his next of kin She wanted to change this system of sexism he wanted sex & of her less questioning She wanted a change to female oppression he wanted brains without fail & less of her questions She wanted to be heard & seen as the goddess she is He wanted her to be seen not heard so he always dismissed All of her suffering even when she called him King for years he couldn't hear her tears so she told him this It is from me where all life is produced I am reality without eye you will lose all clarity your vanity can't banish me your insecurities won't vanish me so you choose Will you treat me with respect love & intellect or will you break your soul & neck trying to negate truth without regret At some point honesty will interject you will see women were correct balancing these holistic cheques won't bounce or try to collect fallacy I was before I am now & I am what is next With this his ego began to crumble his words began to stumble & he started to mumble You have spoken honestly I needed this humility you are everything & more the way of reciprocity chakabars Meme










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