norwayeah tell me about the norwegian butter crisis AVA AT poseicchi ok so the butter crisis aka the most embarrassing moment in norwegian history was caused by this low carb high fat fad diet that was really big in 2011 and idk the details on how it worked but people ate a lot of butter and towards the end of the year people were like oh s we're gonna run out of butter which basically caused everyone to panic and buy all the butter from every store and so we actually did run out since this happened around christmas people were especially freaking out since we use a lot of butter in our christmas recipes and we tried getting our neighbour countires to give us some butter but most of them refused bc putting up a temporary butter market in norway would obviously not be very beneficial but luckily in the end denmark gave in and let us have some although a lot of people didn't wanna buy that bc apparently danish butter isn't good enough for us??? idek the whole situation was ridiculous imo the best part of it was how hecking proud people who managed to get their hands on some butter were like they would change their facebook profile pics to them posing with butter the whole thing was just wild 24390123456789 lord-kitschener these are the descendants of vikings we're talking about here Source 24390123456789 #norway #norge #norsk #norwegian #butter crisis # 2011 73 416 notes Meme











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