No way! His yelp got the others' attention and Matt was pre- dictably the next to react He bolted past Neil to starea the car What are you doing with a Maserati? Driving it Andrew said like it should be obvious and got in the driver's seat Matt reached for the hood with both hands but didn't touch it like he thought his fingerprints might ruin the perfect exterior The blatant awe on his face had Neil loo- king to Andrew Andrew met his gaze through the windshield but didn't hold it for long He reached for the door to close it but Matt darted around and put his hand in the way He leaned over to look inside owl-eyed and rapturous Nicky had fewer reservations about putting his Matt beckoned to Andrew Start it up! Let me hear it f1 Andrew twisted the key in the ignition and the ca came to life with a quiet roar Matt threw his hands up and spun away like he was orchestrating a symphony jsteneil I love the moment everyone discovers the Maserati because Andrew did not have to play along with Matt’s admiration Andrew’s words are always measured and important he didn’t have to say anything to Matt’s “What are you doing with a Maserati” But he does say something and he lets Matt look inside–interrupting his movement to close the door– even though he’s already in the driver’s seat which means that Matt is leaning over him inside the car And then he starts it up when Matt asks! And Matt isn’t even part of his “family” Like he’s so bad at pretending he doesn’t feel anything when he just went and bought himself a freaking Maserati!! Meme






The Hood





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