NEWS BREAKFAST always-enjoy-your-beautiful-life pinky–heart ressila nothing–breaks-like-a-heart ebgmdtla lacinari ixpaloa protect-marine-animals ? Help us to save the marine animals ? The role plastic products play in the daily lives of people all over the world is interminable We could throw statistics at you all day long eg Upwards of 300 MILLION tons of plastic are consumed each year but the impact of these numbers border on inconceivable For those living on the coasts a mere walk on the beach can give anyone insight into how staggering our addiction to plastic has become as bottles cans bags lids and straws just to name a few are ever-present In other areas that insight is more poignant as the remains of animal carcasses can frequently be observed the plastic debris that many of them ingested or became entangled in still visible long after their death Sadly an overwhelming amount of plastic pollution isn’t even visible to the human eye with much of the pollution occurring out at sea or on a microscopic level The short-lived use of millions of tons of plastic is quite simply unsustainable and dangerous We have only begun to see the far-reaching consequences of plastic pollution and how it affects all living things According to a study from Plymouth University plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species while some estimates suggest that at least 100 million marine mammals are killed each year from plastic pollutionHere are some of the marine species most deeply impacted by plastic pollution Sea Turtles Seals and Sea Lions Seabirds Fish Whales and Dolphins –> GET HERE THE OCEAN SEA PIN <– –> GET HERE 4 PACK GALAXY FISHES PINS <– –> GET HERE THE SEA LOVERS PIN <– –> GET HERE THE WHALE LOVERS 2 PACK PINS <– –> GET HERE THE AESTHETIC WHALES 2 PACK PINS<– More than ever the fate of the ocean is in our hands To be good stewards and leave a thriving ocean for future generations we need to make changes big and small wherever we are Every purchase supports Ocean Conservation We give 15% of our profits to Organizations that bravely fight for Marine Conservation Beautiful pin – I love the color details! Save the ocean!! Save the animals!! Save them!! Take action now while we still have the chance!! I ordered the 4 pack and i receive it in 7 days to Texas USA This is a great message and important PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION!!! Save our planet save our oceans save ocean life save the future This all makes me so sad and it should make everyone else sad too The earth is dying it’s our fault Maybe not directly if you don’t live in a location that is remotely near the ocean but you can at least help to be a solution Great pins at great prices Fantastic communication and customer service Will absolutely buy from again Thank you so much My whole order was great and I loved it all Mother ? gives us the gift of life please don’t force her to take it away dude i’m in no financial position rn to buy something from their sight but forreal this is important if you’re financially stable to buy something from their shop I recommend doing so if not reblogging this post helps as well Very cool badges! Metal embossed pattern i want to consider every detail Can be combined with different sets Even if you take into account the delivery the price is the cheapest Delivery a little more than 2 weeks thanks Meme










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