New Zealand POLICE Ngs Piihimana O Aetearo NOTICE TO SURRENDER AIRGUN OR ANTIQUE FIREARM To Of Adam John HOLLAND Queenstown PURSUANT TO SECTION 41 ARMS ACT 1983 1 Inspector Olaf Karl Jensen a Commissioned Officer of Police hereby give notice that in my opinion you are not a fit and proper person to be in possession of an airgun or an antique firearm Police are currently holding the following described airguns 1 x Ruger Blackhawk 177 calibre Air rifle 1 x Hatsun Striker 177 calibre Air Rifle You may within three months after the date of this Notice or such longer period as the Commissioner of Police may allow sell or otherwise dispose of any airgun or antique firearm owned by you to a person approved for this purpose by a member of the Police antique firearms delivered to a member of the Police may be as the Commissioner of Police thinks fit or may in the discretion Failing that all airguns detained for such a period of the Minister of Police become the property of the Crown free and discharged from all right title or interest possess in respect thereof by any person or You may by way of origination application appeal to a District Court Judge against this Notice Section 62 Arms Act 1983 refers My reason for this decision is as follows 1 I do not believe you to be a fit and proper person to be in possession of an airgun 2 Police hold serious concerns regarding your mental and emotional wellbeing Should you wish me to review my decision or you dispute the facts you may make written submissions or arrange an appointment with me within two weeks of the date of this notice Any submissions you do make must be accompanied by a letter from a medical practitioner attesting to your mental and emotional wellbeing at this time stor Dated at this of 20 Commissioned Officer of Police prolifeproliberty cominuteman strict-constitutionalist whiskey-gunpowder weatherman667 whiskey-gunpowder we’re not coming for your guns… we just want the military grade assault fully semi-automatic weapon of wars off the street… now turn in your airgun “…in my opinion you are not a fit and proper person to be in possession…” They have the right to unilaterally decide who has the right to own firearms this is the end game for the red flag laws a deranged leftist’s opinion saying your unfit and to those in the notes asking what made him unfit… the thought crime of supporting POTUS This isn’t the end game It’s the first step on the way to the end game You’re delusional if you think the agenda stops there Look at Europe if you want to know what the goal is They obviously had to have gun registration for them to know exactly what guns he owned First registration followed by confiscation This is why we don’t let terrorists dictate our laws Meme











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