MY MUST LIST LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA He stars as an aeronaut on HBO's His Dark Materials is at work on movie adaptations of Jonathan Larson's tick tickBOOM! and his own In the Heights is enjoying the success of his latest Broadway undertaking Freestyle Love Supreme and gives us daily pep talks on Twitter But the mega-multitasker still found time to tell EW about a few of the things he really really loves TV What We Do in the Shadows FX I just binged It is so genius The history of incredibly brilliant movies to TV spin-offs is alarmingly poor They don't usually stick the landing but I think it's because it's director Taika Waititi and the original team it's just a brilliant expansion of the conceit of the movie MOVIE Cabaret It's a master class in how to translate the essence of something from stage to screen without literally translating it The show is really different from the movie but no one's mad at that movie because it's brilliant and that's the toughest act to follow We're golng for it with In the Heights I'm going for it with tick tickB0OM! I have a lot of projects so Cabaret is a big source material for inspiration STAGE Octet This Off Broadway show by Dave Malloy the com- poser of Natasha Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 was the last thing I saw that really knocked my socks off It's a com- pletely a cappella musical about internet addiction My wife who Is a tough audience when it comes to musicals it was her favorite thing she saw all year MUSIC Judee Sill The podcast Wonderful by my friend Griffin McElroy turned me on to this song- writer from the early '70s She doesn't have a lot-it's Wke two albums and a posthumous album Just Tke rapper Big Pun-but m devouring it because it's like this Southern Joni Mitchell voice that I've never heard It's gorgeous HERE BOR IT BOOK Here for It R Eric Thomas a Baltimore-bred writer and playwright is one of my favorite writers I look forward to his columns every day His first mem- oir Here for it out Feb 18 2020 is like if David Sedarls was completely steeped In pop culture Instead of living some- where far away writing about it It's like pop cul- ture-obsessed Sedarls- level laugh-out-loud funny BONUS Mister Rogers Neighborhood Can I make a request from the uni- verse? I've watched my children fall In love with Mister Rogers but I can only find it on demand once a week It's crazy They fell In love with it via Daniel Tiger When they watch they feel like they're watching Daniel origin stories But I'd like more please because it makes my kids very calm and kind-As told to Sarah Rodman PHOTOGRAPH BY ERIC RAY DAVIDSON EW COM Oh baby @EW let me do a Must List! None of this will be a surprise to YOU but mentions include @TaikaWaititi @oureric Griffy &amp @rachelcmcelroy’s Wonderful! Judee Sill Liza Minnelli @dave_malloy Daniel Tiger httpstco4PEFEmIGuh Meme











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