my fault SURVIVAL SIGNALS 61 stranger who approached you A good exercise is to occasionally remind yourself of where you are and what your relationship is to the people around you With a date who stays beyond his wel- doubted s the form of y say sounds so they keep come for example no matter how jokey charming he may be keep herself focused on context simply by thinking a woman can T have asked him to leave twice The defense for too many 9 9 details is simple Bring the context into conscious thought on the road is to remain re offered eraction and TYPECASTING Another strategy used by Kelly's rapist is called typecasting A man labels a woman in some slightly critical way hoping she'll feel compelled to prove that his opinion is not accurate 'You're probably too snobbish to talk to the likes of me say and the woman will cast off the mantle of snob by talking to him A man tells a woman You don't look like someone who ils can make fa train asi a man might you by them you see more und a phras construction reads the newspaper' and she sets out to prove that she is intelli- gent and well-informed When Kelly refused her attacker's assis- tance he said There's such a know and she resisted the label by accepting his help Typecasting always involves a slight insult and usually that is easy to refute But since it is the response itself that the typecaster seeks the defense is silence acting as if the words weren't even a speed tha come being too proud you thing as one conversation pon distrad spoken If you engage you can win the point but you might lose something greater Not that it matters what some stranger thinks anyway but the typecaster doesn't even believe what he says is true He just believes that it will work lost sightd er Whenee ncomfortable like his ta LOAN SHARKING he said no le used cat The next signal I explain to Kelly is one I call loan sharking He wanted to be allowed to help you because that would place you in his debt and the fact that you owe a person something makes it hard to ask him to leave you alone The more traditional loan to her some shark gladly lends she knew molly collects much more Okay first post on reddit but this section from The Gift of Fear reminded me of rniceguys Meme

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